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That song is damn amazing, Rachmaninoff has some great pieces. I didn't know this one was his though. I don't know what the real speed is though, because I've never heard the original, I only heard Glenn Gould play it (some crazy pianist) and he does it way faster. I like learning classical, I'm learning my first classical piece right now, it's called Rondo alla Turca (it means voyage in Turkey, it's a Mozart piece). He does this really fast triplet at one point, but the rest of what I've learned so far is pretty easy. Doing triplets that are three notes close apart is alot easier on piano it seems, since you just puch the keys. Unfortunately, I don't have a complete tab of it, what I did was asked my friend who plays keyboard to tell me the notes, and now I just play it from memory, but he didn't bother teach me the whole thing. If anyone wants me to send them the tab, or post it somewhere even though it's just part of the song, I can, but I'm thinking there's probably a complete one somewhere, it's a pretty popular piece.

There's one part I need help for. You have to hammer on and pull off with the pinky, which usually for me is no problem, except that here you have to pull off one fret down, which means your ring finger stays down. Most people can't move their pinky without moving the ring, and I have a bit of problem with this too. You see the thing is, to devellop power in my hands I often play without an amp, and you really have to pull off to make it sound (with a downward motion with the finger that bassically plucks the string), this way when I do use my amp, my pull-offs are clear sounding, rather than just sounding like a blur of two notes. But when I pull off to the ring finger, I have a tendency to move my ring finger down as well, and this makes a bend, which I don't want at all, plus it brings it where the next higher string almost gets in the way (almost a half note bend). I guess what I'm asking, is if anyone knows any exercises I can do to completely dissocociate the movement of my pinky and ring fingers.

I like what I've heard of Manowar despite them being one of the corniest bands around.
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