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Originally posted by SoulSlayer
I play with all 4 fingers and i must say i can get at least 4 times faster with fingers than anything i can play with a pic. I never ever use a pic anymore. Why are some people saying they play with fingers because a pics too easy?? thats pretty stupid, if you can play easier with a pic then use a god damn pic, i play with fingers because i can play faster and more accurately. And now for a speed argument, fingers are faster than pics anyday

I agree, if you can play faster with a pick, do it, but personally I feel no freedom using a pick, plus using fingers is much faster. Four times as fast is a gross exxaferation, but personally I'd still say finger picking is faster. With pick, there are two actions that make a note (up and down obviously), but with finger, there are four, so if you can move one finger as fast as you move the pick down, you should technically be able to go twice as fast using four fingers over a pick.

Keep trying it slowly Tattered, it will come, I use my pinky, and I bet I have smaller hands than you.

The only thing I don't like about not being able to use a pick, is I can't recreate the sound of one. I'm not going to try a pick, because last time I used a pick I embarrassed myself, I'm just about as good as someone that just started playing. Oh yeah and one more reason you might want to learn using a pick, is if you want to let a note ring while playing one string up (down gravity wise), obviously because the finger would rest on the string that's supposed to ring and mute it.

Picking speed is one thing, but no matter what you can always pick faster than you can change notes with the fretting hand, so it's equally important to get speed for fretting, unless you just want to play roots really fast. I don't know any Slayer, I learned Hell Awaits and got bored of it and decided not to learn Slayer anytime soon. Maybe I should give some a try again, but it seems that he never does anything but follow the rhythm guitar exactly, or strum the roots real fast, which can get pretty repetetive and boring.
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