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Originally posted by BassGenius2153
as far as underated bassist goes I would have to say the Deadsy. He's realy realy good. I would have to say I do get tired of hearing about how great cliff burton is though. He had one like 2:45 solo so what!!!
I have 4 words: Geddy Lee & Les Claypool

I must agree that Cliff is over rated.If he's so great, then why is he dead (lol)? Creature (I believe that's his name) from Deadsy is a good bassist, but his bass is really really distorted. Plus on their Tom Sawyer cover, he doesn't play the bass solo, the keyboardist does it all. So the distortion makes him seem better than he really is. As far as underrated bassist goes, Peter Steele yet idolized, is a very underrated bassist. Even though his bass is pretty distorted, I believe he is pretty good.
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