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Another best drummer thing

Well, here is another "Who is the best drummer" topic. Even though I'm not a drummer, I really respect the art of kick ass drumming. First off, Joey from Slipknot isn't the best, I heard from a good source he cheats with a drum trigger or some device that makes sound faster than he really is. Death Metal/Grindcore/Black Metal , my opinion, has the best the drummers around. Oh and yes, other than any extreme metal band, Neil from Rush, Dany from Tool, and Matt from Mudvayne has really good drummers too.

Here is a list of bands whose drummers I believe is the best:

Dying Fetus
The Berzerker
Hate Eternal
Mortician (live)
Fear Factory
Lamb of God
Arch Enemy
Ebony Tears
Cradle of Filth
Dark Funeral
Shadows Fall's new drummer
and Deeds of Flesh
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