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BestialWarrior 2004-03-15 18:56

Kataklysm and Dying Fetus
Anyone going to this show on the 25th, this month at Bottom Lounge?

Undying_Hatred 2004-03-16 04:46

fucking awesome....

BestialWarrior 2004-03-26 12:03

Hey out there. This show was pretty good. Enforsaken was the first band and did pretty good. First time I've seen them live. This was my first time seeing Kataklysm as well. They kicked ass! Max, on the drums, was killer! Motherfucker sounding like a damn warped up robot!. I couldn't believe how fast the dude got... He did like a 3-4 minute drum solo there and most of everyone there was thrilled... In any case, the show was pretty good. I only stuck around for Dying Fetus's first tune..I had a friend with me and he had to be back home for work early this morning. Until next time, I think around April 23rd, Deicide comes to the House of Blues..

BLS 2004-03-26 17:23

YOU DIDNT SEE DYING FETUS!?!?! Fuck work, shoulda called in sick :D Im thinking of seeing Deicide, their new cd's pretty kickass, and the house fo blues is a good venue

BestialWarrior 2004-03-27 12:46

Yeah. I think Deicide is opening up for SuperjointRitual..At least thats what I heard..
I'm not too sure about the details...
I'll find out soon enough....

BestialWarrior 2004-04-30 14:38

Kataklsym at Bottom Lounge, May 24th.
Another Kataklysm show-May 24th at the Bottom Lounge.
I'll definelty be there at that one.
Anyone else going?

josh_smith09 2004-05-05 10:56

Kataklysm rules, long live canadian metal

DameFraMorkum 2004-05-05 11:41

The Deicide/Superjoint concert? My friend went to that one, he said it was decent. I don't like Superjoint/Down/Pantera/Phil in general though.

BestialWarrior 2004-05-05 12:19

Well, you probably didn't see the other thread dameframorkum, but Deicide never played that night. Of course that's who I wanted to see, but apparently they cancelled a day or two before the show. Terrible show. I can go through the details, but I don't want to recall all that happened. I don't like superjoint ritual/down either. I'm a death and black metal fan.

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