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BLS 2004-03-05 23:42

Mario on Guitar!! He fucks up in some parts but its still cool. Crazy japs, what will they think of next??

timedragon 2004-03-06 01:12

Heh, i like hearing stuff like this. I sometimes play songs from video games like donkey kong and zombies ate my neighbors (super nintendo is the shit!). Call me a loser, but i like playing video games' songs, its fun.

Did you ever hear that metal version of zelda's theme song? To anyone who might possibly get the wrong idea and think i'm talking about that disgusting and pathetic version system of a down :sickface: plays... i'm not.
I came the across the metal version on, and i thought it was really cool. I forgot what band it was, but there original music wasnt all that impressive anyway.

Dyldo 2004-03-06 01:36

Mr. Bungle covered that (Zelda theme) too, and it was awesome.

freek666 2004-03-06 02:02

that was fucking awesome

freek666 2004-03-06 02:05

how the hell did he figure out the sound and everything. it sound just like the game, wtf???

BLS 2004-03-06 02:08

Yeh makes the coin noises PERFECT i think the funnest video game song to play is the battletoads theme :D

Corpsevomit98 2004-03-06 11:53

Heres a lint to the tabs for the original mario overworld theme


G_urr_A 2004-03-06 15:34

I'm in a band that does game music covers. So far we've done Ghost & Goblins (C64), Warhawk (C64), and BattleField 1942 (PC), but we're working on more stuff, like Action Biker and Transport Tycoon. It's great music.

Drag the Waters 2004-03-06 16:23

Badass. :stoned: :eek:

powersofterror 2004-03-06 17:05

ohh my god, that was amazing.

...I've always wanted to cover spiderman, hahaha. and that old show Beast Wars.

timedragon 2004-03-06 18:41

hah, yeah. The best thing to do when those cartoon and video game songs get stuck in your head is to just tab em out. After all, you already got the whole thing memorized from hearing it so damn much. (in some cases anyway)

Games have some bad ass music to them. I like the zelda background music a lot. And i always liked the music on mega man. Thats some cool shit!

Dyldo 2004-03-06 20:08

Originally Posted by BLS
i think the funnest video game song to play is the battletoads theme :D

That game kicks fucking ass!

seraphym 2004-03-06 20:25

Thats simply amazing. There are some games out there that have absolutely amazing music.
Some of my favs are... Final Fantasy 3 (SNES), Chrono Trigger (SNES), Einhander (PSX), All Castlevania's, Ace Combat (PSX & PS2), the list keeps going. I have a lot of game mp3's on my computer.

I think the best composer for video game music ever has to be Nobuo Uematsu, who did Final Fantasy 3's music.

powersofterror 2004-03-06 20:40

the doom themes are badfucking ass too. I can play most of 'em too.

BLS 2004-03-06 22:14

Quake III Arena has alot of cool metalish tunes. Sometimes i just like to listen to the music :p

MorbidGuitar 2004-03-07 06:50

king of the hill's theme song is pretty fun to play with a bit of a metal twist. maybe ill record it tomorrow.

Seve420 2004-03-14 06:14

Check out Minibosses. All they do is video game themes.

guitar_demon 2004-03-14 14:15

werent they on x-play a while ago?

atifman 2004-03-14 18:58

do you think there is a tab for this jap guy's version of the theme?

MoonRaven 2004-03-14 19:36

the neskimos are the shit at game music.

all they do is metal-type covers video game music, its fuckin great

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