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xdislexicx 2004-03-17 17:08

it isnt just b.c. rich. alot of licensed floyds for any brand are crap, non of them are nearly as good as a Real floyd.

DEAD 2004-03-17 17:30

Originally Posted by xdislexicx
it isnt just b.c. rich. alot of licensed floyds for any brand are crap, non of them are nearly as good as a Real floyd.

Oh I know, but BC Rich is probably the worst I've played.

BLS 2004-03-17 18:11

The worst is found on a Squier Stagemaster, the post spacing isent even normal. Just rediculous and it stays in tune like shit. ESP licensed floyds are pretty good, the Krame floyds are like a floyd rose II, but by far the best trem IMO is the Ibanez Edge Pro. MMMMM

LefthandP 2004-03-19 08:51

Kahler trems are the best ever made ! period

BLS 2004-03-19 15:49

the flatmounted are definetly the best

xdislexicx 2004-03-19 17:01

anybody here like 'bigsby'(?) trems?

BLS 2004-03-19 17:24


freek666 2004-03-19 17:52

the edge pro II on my guitar, though i dont think is liscensed, is a veeery good bridge

Metaldave 2004-03-19 18:40

Ok, I was talkin to a guy on another forum the other day and he mentioned somethin bout knife edge and ball (something) trems..... Is that the point where the bridge meets the 2 posts (as in the point of movement [sry for the vagueness]).

BLS 2004-03-19 21:38

A knife edge is the part of the bridge that touches the post. Its what the birdge pivots on. As for ball somthing i think you mean ball bearing, which is whats used on a kahler bridge. The string roll on this ball bearing so that when you move the tremolo bar, the bridge dosent acually move up or down, just the part with the ball bearings. Its kinda hard to explain. Just look at this pic

xdislexicx 2004-03-20 12:38

is there anyway i can just replace my licensed floyd with a kalher? or would that be impossible?

BLS 2004-03-20 14:54

Yes its possible but probably not worth it. You would have to fill the spring cavity up with some wood. Meaning you would have to completly strip and refinsh the guitar if you want it to look good, then you would need to route the recessed part a bit deeper and fill in the post holes. And then kahler would cost you quite alot. If you really want to do it then ask over at im sure they can help you out.

Mezzoid 2004-03-23 05:26

I'm surprised no one has said anything about a Wilkinson bridge. It's simple, looks good, sounds good and it's not near the pain in the ass as some of the tremolos I've had to screw with. I've got one on my jackson ps7 and it is a simple floating trem. This old peavy guitar over here has a kahler spyder tremolo on it that you basically have to disassemble to change strings.And my washburn guitar has one of those cheapo strat trems that I just cranked the springs down on and disabled But, I don't jack my guitar off, I like hard tail bridges, strings through the body like my Kramer. I thought I would throw out another possibility. Check 'em out:

and I guess this nut would work if you had some gotoh locking tuners:

BLS 2004-03-23 21:33

Yeh those arent bad but for that price just get a floyd. Floyds stay in tune better anyways.

freek666 2004-03-26 23:49

Somehow, this Official Bridge thread became an Official Trem page.

1-piece stopbar bridges (fernandez, bronze b.c. Rich) are good if you tune all over the place, but have the tendancy to start to lean forward after some useage, therefor destroying your intonation

Those hardtail bridges that resemble fender trems look cheap, and are cheap. but they dont seem to deteriorate after a whiles use.

PRS bridges, you cant adjust the intonation... WTF???

Those 2 peice gibson bridges are alright, though they seem to lean forward too, though not as badly. but the intonation is A PAIN IN THE ASS to adjust (same the the 1-piece stopbar bridge).

BLS 2004-03-27 13:29

WTF are you doing that makes your bridge begin to lean forward?!!? Is the tailpeice leaning forward? Or the acual bridge?

metalprep6969 2004-04-04 10:22

The best fixed bridges/tailpieces are Tonepros locking! They lock down so intonation doesn't change and there is no threadplay when changing tunings and bending!

ONE-PIECE BRIDGES BLOW ALL ASS! They eat ur sustain!

Tonepros makes replacements for those PRS one-piecers on which u can't adjust intonation.

I really wanna get an Edge Pro for my KH-2 cuz i'm not a big fan of the original floyd rose. Is that an easy modification? Also, what is a good place to get one and about how much do they run?

Mordor 2004-04-05 17:23

How come u dont like ure original flyd, mines great, stays in tune all day and all night.

metalprep6969 2004-04-05 17:45

Basically I just have too many problems with mine. After playing on the strings for a week, they rae too stretched out or soemthing and the bridge can't compensate for tremolo movements as well. If the last movement i did was down, the guitar will be about 1/3 of a step low, and if the last movement i did was up, the guitar will be about 1/4 step too high, and it drives me crazy! I've heard better things about the Edge pros than the OFRs.


freek666 2004-04-07 18:20

Originally Posted by BLS
WTF are you doing that makes your bridge begin to lean forward?!!? Is the tailpeice leaning forward? Or the acual bridge?

the bridge itself is leaning forward. i put on heavy guage strings, but my friend uses 8's and his bridge is leaning forward BIGTIME... and it's a GIBSON!!!

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