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Bones98 2004-02-17 13:11

HEy fuckers!! Have u guys heard the new sample mp3?! fuck I already pissed my pants from the brutality, I know the track isn't mastered but imagine how fucking crazy that shit will sound like mastered?! It has Matti Way and J. Bailey, of course that shit is going to be brutal, its like a big mix of Cinerary, old Disgorge, and Brodequin. Fuck I can't wait till the album comes out.

Nihilist 2004-02-17 16:51

Yeah, I heard the MP3 a few days ago. The CD should be out in a few weeks!

powersofterror 2004-02-17 17:01

WHo the hell are they?

Nihilist 2004-02-17 18:23

Powers, new band with Matti Way (ex-Disgorge, Cinerary) and Jamie Bailey (Brodequin) on Unmatched Brutality.

Dyldo 2004-02-17 18:44

link to mp3?

Nihilist 2004-02-17 19:10

You have to stream it.

Dyldo 2004-02-17 19:33

Waaaaa sounds killer!

Exodus666 2004-02-18 04:46

Holy fuck.

That must definitely blow the piss out of everyone.

Bones98 2004-02-18 11:53

of couse it will blow out everyone's urine... It did to me the first second I heard that song. I just hope Liturgy's debut album wont be short like all other Disgorge albums. But on some of the parts I couldn't tell when was J. Bailey singin'. Who else is in the band?

Of Topic: anyone here have heard the new sample of Woundeep? my old bro told me that supposably Chad Walls is playing in that band now. Anyway, I'm definitely getting that album.

Nihilist 2004-02-18 16:26

Woundeep, Vomit Remnants members.

Bones98 2004-02-18 19:02

OMG, Vomit Remnant's new album is so dope. Finally the production got better. But so sad that its less than half an hour long.

Nihilist 2004-02-18 20:03

Yeah, it's an EP. They are recording a 2-track promo though.

Nihilist 2004-04-19 18:45

Got this today. Its pretty good, they cover Cognitive Lust of Mutilation by Disgorge, and Infested With Worms, by Brodequin. The guitar tone is pretty weak, but aside from that, its a damn solid album.

Bones98 2004-04-19 18:49

Dude, I know... I heard the mastered preview track and the guitar sounded weak as hell. I might buy this album and just keep on listening to my Cinerary album. I though the guitar were gonna sound crazy after they mastered it but oh well now I have more money to save to buy Woundeep's album.

Nihilist 2004-04-19 18:52

Yep, Cinerary are a lot better.

It seems Jamie Bailey can't really play guitar either. The fucking unmastered version sounded better than the mastered version, its wrong.

SpiritCrusher 2004-04-19 22:21

Shrine of Moria is excellent.

bloodymetallic_spine 2004-04-20 12:15

cinerary are better but u cant do much aboiut taht. theyre RIP :( but still i cant fuckin wait for the luiturgy cd. whoi knows the album might even bebetter. nevertheless its gonna tear shit up i cant wait to hear the brodequin/disgorge cover man!

Nihilist 2004-04-20 18:20

Originally Posted by SpiritCrusher
Shrine of Moria is excellent.

Yep, that track is great. There are a few other good ones on the album too.

For anyone who is interested in buying it, it is out now, you can get it at

BeastOfCarrion 2004-04-20 22:31

i got it a few days ago, its good, as everyone says, but the guitars are really petty pothetic

messiah_to_burn 2004-04-23 08:43

i received the cd and the shirt yesterday ,
really good voice , i see this is not the same as cinerary...maybe the same guitar sound and yes ,the voice ...i see many brodequin influences ,indeed matti sing in amore brodequin way..some disgorge touches too
very very brutal...yes ,maybe i prefer abit cinenary..but i prefer liturgy than disgorge
the production is not really high ..yes i love the dirty sound but...the quality is not really superb,,
i guaranteed u iam the first guy in fucking spain that i have this stuff.

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