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johnmansley 2004-02-14 11:47

Decapitated UK tour

24.02.04 - Bierkeller, Manchester, UK
25.02.04 - Rio, Bradford, UK
26.02.04 - Rock City, Nottingham, UK
27.02.04 - Bierkeller, Bristol, UK
28.02.04 - The Underworld, London, UK

That's a kick arse tour right there, anybody else looking forward to it?

I got my ticket for the Manchester date in the post yesterday morning! You beauty!

Nihilist 2004-02-14 22:04


johnmansley 2004-02-15 10:32

I'll make sure to take a home-made sign (complete with spelling mistakes) asking, nay instructing, them to go to Australia. And to take Anata with them too as a bonus. Hey, it might work...

Nihilist 2004-02-15 19:48

That would be excellent. I'll talk to the guys from Psycroptic and get them over there as a thankyou.

johnmansley 2004-02-16 08:12

Excellent! It could be like a band exchange system!

johnmansley 2004-02-25 06:24

Well, the gig was last night and it was the worst gig I've ever been to. Not because of the music mind - all the bands were on form, the ones I actually saw that is.

I knew it was going to be one of those nights when the coach taking me to Manchester arrived an hour late. But that didn't matter much because the show started an hour late too. I thought my luck was in as I got to see Anata kick arse with 5 slabs of genius (all from their new album).

However, Thus Defiled and especially Rotting Christ went on for an age. They were both OK considering I don't like BM that much but by the time they'd finished it was 11pm. Decapitated took the stage at 11:25 and the last coach back to Liverpool was at 11:45. I saw THREE songs!

What I did see, fuckin' ruled! They opened up with the opener from the Negation, then played a track from WoC (not too good with names) and then launched into Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto). But that was the end of my night as I had to rush back to the station.

But that's not the end of a piss-taking night. The coach back to Liverpool arrived an hour late as well so I could have seen the Decapitated set after all. I was fuckin' seething.

At least I got to see Anata - they were excellent and I hope they stick around in the UK for another tour. As for Decapitated, there's always next time...

Nihilist 2004-02-25 06:34

Ah damn, sucks. Atleast you've seen them.

How stupid does Sauron look with no hair?

johnmansley 2004-02-25 06:42

Very stupid indeed. He looked about 15!

Nihilist 2004-02-25 07:31

Looks like an angry Nazi, huh.

johnmansley 2004-02-25 10:57

Hahaha, yeah, now that you come to think of it! Sort of like a mini-Nazi trying to gain cred with the older Nazi generation by shaving his head!

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