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vileangelofdeth 2003-01-27 12:43

check out this dodgy japanese scale... slayer use bits of it in 'at dawn they sleep'

Thats a fucking awesome slayer song, in fact the whole Hell Awaits album has some sick chromatic riffs on it.


heres a basic sweep pattern to practice



ThroneofbahoS 2003-01-31 02:59

Can someone tell me about those sweeps like, if they have two notes played on the same string after each other like:


if you get my point... Is there a hammer-on like should I pick only the first one or should I pick them both?

corroded 2003-02-06 23:37

Originally posted by ThroneofbahoS
Can someone tell me about those sweeps like, if they have two notes played on the same string after each other like:


if you get my point... Is there a hammer-on like should I pick only the first one or should I pick them both?

better you pick both the notes...cuz it will help in adding momentum to your sweep when you are returning with an upstroke

Dyldo 2003-02-08 18:12

If it has 2 notes on the same string (during one stroke) then its not a sweep. And oyu can really make your own sweep easyly. Sweeps are arpreggos, meaning 3 root notes in a chord. So take your favorite chord and make a sweep out of it using the arpreggo.

ThroneofbahoS 2003-02-11 01:03

Ok... Thanks dudes, that cleared it a lot!

mrweijia 2003-03-30 14:31

dont diss him, he started this thread

nightrider06 2003-04-22 22:03

i just read over alll that stuff theres fuken alot to learn there good shit boys

Kjeldgor 2003-04-23 14:06

Yup.. Favorite chord.. meaning any chord you can think of..

lets use.. an.. Am7add9

notes are: A C E G B


or.. another variation:


Heh.. good luck with the second one.. i added a tap just to fuck with you all..

Hopefully you people got the point..

if not, chew on this one:

---------------9 h10 h11 t16 s17 t21 p17 s16 p11 p10 p9-------------------

btw.. Amaj7b5add11 (notes are: A C# Eb G# D)

MWAHAHAHAH... use of double tap, tap slides

sounds pretty jazzy, but if you can shred to that, it's pretty fuckin cool

Kjeldgor 2003-04-23 14:08

Hell, if you are good with double taps, you can even add a tap on the 17th fret for the variation of the Am7add9 arpeggio:D

Dyldo 2003-04-24 20:37

Thats an awesome sweep Kjeldgor, very impressed. Im going to use it as an example when i re-edit the thread so that all the downloads/faqs are in the very first post.

Kjeldgor 2003-04-25 13:41

Try this:


It's an A minor apreggio (A C E)



That's an A major arpeggio (A C# E)

RAMBO 2003-05-10 14:11






TheKtuluCall 2003-06-30 22:59

is a scale made by those doe rey mi fa so la ti doe thingies?

metalheadmark 2003-07-14 17:53

Put simply, yes.

Most solos are based around scales. Metal scalled based solos are usually based around the pentatonic scales and sometimes blues scales but other players like to experiment with other rarley used scales.

:sickface: :D

Dyldo 2003-07-15 14:48

Originally posted by metalheadmark

Most solos are based around scales.

ALL solos are in scales. They sound good because they are in scale (wich should be in key).

TheKtuluCall 2003-07-17 23:50

i knew that. thats not what i asked

tomb 2003-07-18 14:27

Darko I looked on your major scale. It's played in C right? When I play it in A it goes like this


And, when I put it in, for example, C, I just go up on the 8th fret of the 6th string and play it exactly the same. Is that wrong?

I got the scales on

Dyldo 2003-07-18 15:32

I don't fully understand your question but I think this is the anwser your looking for. If you move the scale anywhere you always play it the same. No scale has an actual "home key" where its originated for. Lets say you see a scale in C and you want to play it in E, you play it exactly the same as you would in C.

tomb 2003-07-19 05:13

What I meant was, your Ionian (Major scale) looks NOTHING like the way I play it. Look at the tab 2 posts up...


That's where I got the scales..

Dyldo 2003-07-19 05:34

In no where on there does it say "Iolian Scale". They post a major scale, but not Iolian. Those are more for traning than usage besides the blues.

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