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PsychoHoliday 2001-08-09 20:44

Guitar Brand of Choice?
Mine would definitely be Ibanez, I own a modified JS1000 and an RG350 deluxe, both badass guitars in my opinion. I like the feel and playability of an Ibanez probably above all, they're really well made and have nice tone too. What bout all you guys?

2001-08-09 22:20

hell i wouldnt want to play imported shit like ibanez theres only one good ibanez though.

anyway,i play any usa made bc rich or washburn.

walpurgis 2001-08-09 22:59

Nothing feels quite as nice as a Gibson to me. I'll take one over damn near anything else.

PsychoHoliday 2001-08-09 23:43

To each his own Darrell Hanneman, i find that BC Rich is kinda poorly made, and not that great to play on...kinda lacks in the tone department too, but that's just me

Katham 2001-08-10 02:05

Gibson! Gibson! Gibson!

Man I fuckin like the SGs. Even Alex Hellid (Entombed) uses one :D :D :D.

2001-08-10 02:05

well you probably play those shit rich's off of the guitar center wall i expect,i have a few bc rich's that are made of Koa and Korina and your tellin me that doesnt have tone?
all i have are custom guitars,(except one) that i or had someone else make and use completely different exotic woods.
expensive as fuck but well worth the sound.
im sorry i dont like ibanez maple....hahah

and your also playing licensed floyd roses that take tone out of the axe
i use original Floyd Rose,which has a Heat treated plate for tone,and longer lasting.

and if i have the time,i install Kahler tremolo's in some of mine.

mvampyr 2001-08-10 08:48

I prefer Danelectros.

nomad 2001-08-10 09:00

by the way, i've been running a poll about this... you can see the results here ;)

Katham 2001-08-10 10:33

BTW, I don't like Ibanez, because it has got so... 'metallic' sound, it just doesn't fit for beautyfull black metal and gothic music.

I think the best wood for giutar is birch.:rolleyes:

mvampyr 2001-08-10 11:20

Luckily Danelectro's are made of plywood and masonite.

walpurgis 2001-08-10 11:21

I'm more of a fan of rosewood than birch.

Katham 2001-08-10 11:41

Rosewood?... Hmmm...

walpurgis 2001-08-10 11:47


Katham 2001-08-10 12:02

Usually dithers are made from rosewoods...

walpurgis 2001-08-10 12:45


Katham 2001-08-10 12:53

Some stuff, similiar to giutar, has annoying voice, often used in Hungarian folk music.

2001-08-10 12:58

rosewood is what fretboards are made of.

and im looking at this pole,and ibanez doesnt deserve to be at the top.
i always felt that another company owned ibanez.
like gibson and epiphone.

ibanez are poorly made,sounds like shit,to much,stupid ass flat floyd roses,thats korns fault i read a magazine that head and gorilla said that there really 'hardcore' on stage and we jump around a are floyd roses get out of tune,so we told ibanez to make flat floyd roses.

yeah well look at dime he does 180's off of vinnies drum stand.
ibanez sucks.

mvampyr 2001-08-10 13:17

So, how do you really feel about Ibanez?

mvampyr 2001-08-10 13:24

I've never heard of anyone using Rosewood for an electric body, but quite a few acoustic guitar makers use it for backs/sides. Taylor comes to mind.

walpurgis 2001-08-10 13:28

Personally, I dont' mind Ibanez's at all, some of them that I've played are really nice...

Hmm, maybe I was mistakenly thinking about the fretboard as opposed to the body...oh well, it happens :)

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