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DEAD 2003-12-23 19:56

Your string heighth
I was wondeing about everyone else's personal prefrance to string heighth. I like mine high. On my guitar tuned to C# its 8/64 with .13s. The 'standard' is 3/64 or 4/64.

For thoes who dont know, you measue from the botom of the string to the tp of the 12th fret

Dyldo 2003-12-24 03:35

If you mean from the fretboard up then I like it low, as well as most people. You don't have to use as much pressure so you can play faster and with more ease.

metal=life 2003-12-24 04:07

I have mine low as hell. Not low enough to get the buzz shit though.

KB_CANS 2003-12-24 04:59

i have trouble on low strung guitars playing to the best of my ability..

it happened by accident...i hated my gay ass sunburst colour guitar so i sanded it and sprayed it...all went well..

but when i put all the shit back on(this was years ago) i didnt realise that i left the bridge high....end result being a very high action...for some reason or another(too many bongs probably) i didnt give a fuck so i kept on playing....

5 years later and i cant play a low strung fucker aswell as id like to....but then again, i dont own mate has one(BCRICH fy V) and im playing that a fair bit but i much prefer my high ass piece of poo..

im sure 90% of you would hate it..

metal=life 2003-12-24 06:00

My first guitar was a piece of shit and the strings were about 1/4 inch off from the fretboard but I got used to lower action from playing an ESP in some guitar shop. I adapted like that *snaps fingers*

Dissection 2003-12-24 11:16

I hate it. My squier; and everyone else's squiers; have strings high as shit. Thats why everyone has a problem playing the pieces of shit.

But my trusty IBANEZ does the job!

DEAD 2003-12-24 12:36

I can't stand low action. With such a high action the chords really resonate and every note really comes through.

BLS 2003-12-24 14:16

High action sucks for leads

Enviedbynone 2003-12-24 15:43

I have found that with low action you lose a lot of sustain, but gain the ease of playing. I have raised my Ibanez action up a tiny bit in the past week and found notes ring out so much longer, but it is now slightly harder to play (tuned standard C with 10-52's)

DEAD 2003-12-24 15:58

Originally posted by BLS
High action sucks for leads

Not really. Thoes notes really shine. Its just a matter of strengthening your hands and fingers.

G_urr_A 2003-12-26 09:18

Originally posted by Enviedbynone
(tuned standard C with 10-52's)

WTF?? 10s in C? I've got 11s on my KE3 which is in Eb, and I bought the thickest stuff my local guitar shop had (13s) for my C-tuned guitar, and that feels sloppy as hell. Oh, well, to each his own, I guess...

DEAD 2003-12-26 12:38

Originally posted by G_urr_A
WTF?? 10s in C? I've got 11s on my KE3 which is in Eb, and I bought the thickest stuff my local guitar shop had (13s) for my C-tuned guitar, and that feels sloppy as hell. Oh, well, to each his own, I guess...

You can adjust your neck and bridge and will allow you to high lighter strings on a detuned guitar. I once had 10s on a guitar in B

Metaldave 2003-12-27 08:56

My action is real tight to the fret board, i like it that way. I used to use 12's tuned to D but then I made a few adjustments and now I use 11's. Way easier for playing.:flame:

xdislexicx 2003-12-27 11:29

on my ibanez,
i like mine in in the middle, low enough that i can go fast, but high enough to make the strings feel heavier, plus its just more comfortable, most guitars with low ass action have little buzzes and shit, and alot of guitars with high action just plain arent comfortable, so i found what i like.
i play 9's in standard, and then i just beef up the low end and crunch with my amp.

Def 2003-12-28 08:55

I'm not going to measure in inches and shit, on my 4 string bass it's fairly low, tuned to full D, I like the tone the bass gives me with low action, gives it a bit more twang.
on my 5 string bass the action is pretty medium I guess, if you get a too low action on your 5 string you'll sound like fieldy the moron slapper (and you don't want that)

on my guitar it's medium too, I guess a bit on the high side even, however I have the high strings setup a tad lower then the low strings (easy acces to higher notes) I've got a .52-.10 (EB skinny top, heavy bottom) set on it, tuned in full D, on a strat with a seymour duncan hotrail bridge pu.
Got a jackson dkmg with emg's tuned in E with 46-9 on it, Dr strings.

daggerfall 2003-12-28 14:14

On my Fender Fat-strat, the strings are quite low. On the Jackson KE3 the strings are a litle bit higher I think. I like both, and I have never changed them.

On my bass the strings are quite high, atleast compared to my friends bass, and he has highered the strings a litle bit. Happy with that to...

x2xAtreyux2x 2003-12-28 17:59

I really don't give a shit about my string height as long as I get the most sustain I can and I don't get muted shit. Fretbuzz just adds to the distortion and flavor. I don't see why people crave such smooth sounds.

Enviedbynone 2003-12-28 23:02

Originally posted by G_urr_A
WTF?? 10s in C? I've got 11s on my KE3 which is in Eb, and I bought the thickest stuff my local guitar shop had (13s) for my C-tuned guitar, and that feels sloppy as hell. Oh, well, to each his own, I guess...

its 10-52, the low C is fairly stiff, but the higher strings are not, but they arent slacked to hell either. I was learning some Arch Enemy songs and the one guitar player uses 10-52's in C on a Caparison Custom model guitar.

I perfer lighter strings on my guitars anyways, specially the high strings, the little thicker low strings are nice too. its not like I am using 8's like Yngwie Malmsteen does either, lol.

mctriple 2004-01-10 03:47

i like my action really low. i dont have anything to measure them right now.. on my ibanez, the action is mediumish. my roommate's squire had awful action, so he got an epi les paul with basically perfect action. my main guitar is my gibson les paul, and if you've ever played one of them.. they generally have very low action.

it's easier to play with low action, but you do lose sustain like somebody mentioned. most beginner to even very good guitarists tend to have action as low as their guitar will allow without fret buzz, but you'd be surprised how high many incredibly good guitarists have their strings. yngwie, for instance, has rather high action.

Wired_hatreD 2004-01-15 21:38

Like someone else here said, I discovered playing with high action by accident. Well, it was more on purpose, but I didnt know what I was doing. I had a cheap strat copy that I started out on. On the saddles I didnt like the screws sticking up so I rose the saddles until the screws werent showing. I got used to playing this way and prefer my action to be high. My ltd has a slight lower action, but it is still pretty high.

Its funny too cause my friends give me shit about having my guitar strapped high, and Ive got high action...and like high gain....and like to get high. So yeah...that was pointless but you get it.

ps Im new here so bare with my n00bness for the time being

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