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skullfucm 2003-12-19 19:51

Black Dahlia Murder Guitar Tabs.
Ive found 3 Black Dahlia murder guitar tabs (contagion, funeral thirst and when the last grave has emptied). all songs from their new album unhallowed. i was wondering if anyone could take request. Ive really wanted Closed Casket Requim, song from their new album. if anybody has this song or could take my request. that would be greatly appreciated.

thanks, mike

soulterashaun 2003-12-20 21:40

I'm still working on "Elder Misanthropy" from Unhallowed, but I could try Closed Casket Requiem.
But I'm a bit of a motivation downward slope. I have about 7-8 tabs of stuff already started that I just get bored with and don't finish for some reason (can't tab a solo, can't figure out a riff, etc) so unless I get all of it perfect (Or what I think is the closest I'm going to get) then it probably won't get posted.

But I can try. (They're not that hard anyways);)

skullfucm 2003-12-20 23:48

thanks alot for the reply, really aprreciate it. yeah, if you could tab closed casket requim, thatd be fucking awsome. if you get it either post it or private mssage me.

thanks :flame:

soulterashaun 2003-12-25 08:07

There, they're both in the Tab Posting section, Elder Misanthropy and Closed Casket Requiem.

Mutant Christ 2004-01-17 21:54

Does anyone have a COMPLETE Contagion tab? The existing tab is pretty accurate, but it's missing the pre-solo riff. And I've tried to figure it out, but it's beyond me.

soulterashaun 2004-01-17 22:57

I could give it a try.......but it might not be awhile before I post it. I think I know most of it anyways, so it might not take that long, but we'll see.

Terror and Hubris 2004-01-24 15:21

The Middle Goes Down
does anyone know the tabs to the acoustic part of the middle goes down by black dahlia murder ?

fritz 2004-01-27 15:33

I apologize if this is an inappropriate place to put this, but it's just a snippet, so...

Mutant Christ, here is the pre-solo riff to Contagion.



Those low chords are heavily palm-muted. If you can't hit 'em just do an open triplet on the low string.

My first post, by the way!

nickelbag 2004-02-10 16:30

I HAVE TABBED OUT "CONTAGION" by black dahlia IF ANYONE NEEDS IT. The whole song is tabbed including the solo. if anyone needs it, email me at . i posted it on another site, but thats for you to look for. rock on children.

-nickelbag nordhauser

soulterashaun 2004-02-16 00:43

Hey, sorry about being so slow with the tabs, but I got a week off from school this week so I'll try to get some more BDM tabs up. I'm working on The Blackest Incarnation and When the Last Grave Has Emptied. I might do Contagion too....because I can see some mistakes in the one already posted....not that it isnt a good starting point....but yeah...

FuNeRaL ThUrSt 2004-03-21 22:38

im glad to finally find the funeral thurst solo, also anyone tabbing apex?

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