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$t0n3r 2003-12-13 04:05

New Guitar
Hey, I've been playing guitar fo nearly 2 years and i really need a new guitar to replace the Sh!tty Monterey I've got now. What I want is a ESP F200 with the Floyd Rose bridge. But the guys at the stores I've been to say that the floyd rose is too hard to tune and restring. But i want to be ably to do all the divebombs and stuff like that. Should i get a guitar with the floyd rose or not?

Metaldave 2003-12-13 07:04

Ye get one, it is a pain to change strings n stuff but... once its in tune and locked it wont go out (well much). :flame:

G_urr_A 2003-12-13 11:23

The only thing I'd say you'd want to keep in mind if you go Floyd is, that if you are the kind of player who actually manages to break strings, keep a backup guitar with you at all gigs and stuff. If you break a string with a Floyd, the remaining strings will go out of tune.

Changing strings isn't really a pain, just get the strings on there and stretch them and you should be good to go. You might need to screw around a bit with trem spring tension, but it really shouldn't take more than 30minutes even if you're unlucky.

BLS 2003-12-13 13:59

Or you could find a guitar with a kahler and then you wont have as much trouble because the kahler isent floating.

G_urr_A 2003-12-14 10:40

Yeah, I've heard good things about the kahlers too, but I have no personal experience of them, so I really can't say anything.

$t0n3r 2003-12-15 08:56

I did some more looking and this one came up.
The Jackson DKMG Dinky which still has the Floyd Rose. Which would you guys think is better to get.

daggerfall 2003-12-15 12:09

The floyd rose is fine enough I think. I have never been told not to get it.

My fender stratocaster may also go out of tune if i break a string. I think all tremmolo systems do...more or less:confused:

Mordor 2003-12-16 13:38

Floyd's at first are a bit annoying to use but you soon get used to them and you notice the benefits. Anyway that Jacksons pretty sweet miles, better than ESP's in that price range. I tryed one and it sounded pretty good and the trem weren't to bad. The trems not as good as an original floyd but its good enough.

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