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Poof Daddy 2003-12-03 22:37

rhoads shape
i saw some japanese esps that were rhoads shaped and theres alexis guitar which only has 1 pup and is ass expensive. i wanna get a rhoads shaped neck thru with 24 frets but i dont wanna have to go through a custom shop and spend 4 grand. ive seen the reviews for the kramer vanguard where most peoples fell apart or were broken or somethin so im stayin away from those. and i thought i saw some site with 24 fret custom jackson rhoads but i havent been able to find it again.

BLS 2003-12-04 00:14


Poof Daddy 2003-12-04 00:54

whoops, im a dumbass, i wanna know if anyone knows of any

SinThetIc 2003-12-04 03:12

i dont that they make the RR in 24 frets ...cuz randy played 22... but i know they make the King v in that ones better i think... ive seen the Mustaine model for about 600 on ebay... Kahler, emgs...neck thru...a better deal i think

CarnivorousWind 2003-12-04 09:49

Yea but Alexi or whatever the CoB's Vocal/guitar uses a 24 fretted Rhoads shape doesn't he? So they'd have to make them somewhere.

Argos 2003-12-04 15:55

Yes, Alexi uses a 24 fret variation. He used Custom Jacksons, had a fucking killer fly yellow one, but they were stolen. Jackson refused to make new ones for him right away, he has to wait like everyone else, so he went to ESP. AFAIK they're Custom Shop as well. I'll ask him tonight if anyone is interested.

Mordor 2003-12-06 09:49

I ve got a Kramer Vanguard Pro 202US (the neck thru one) and its fuckin sweet. The only problem is , its hit or miss whether it arrives in one piece from musicyo. And they dont make cases for them which sucks :mad:

Poof Daddy 2003-12-06 20:13

thats why im a little weary about getting one of those

BLS 2003-12-06 22:10

Well im sure if it comes broke in the mail then they will refund or send a replacement... dont they have to?

Mordor 2003-12-07 10:10

yea, they gave me a full refund when mine came with a little one inch chip on the wing which i got repaired by a wood specialist i know for free.

BLS 2003-12-07 14:00

So are you saying you got your guitar for free???

Mordor 2003-12-08 14:20

yup , although i had to pay 60 for shipping, :)

BLS 2003-12-08 23:03

:eek: im gonna have to order one and either hope its broken upon arrival or take a hammer to it :D

Mordor 2003-12-09 13:08

ha, cool :beer:

Enviedbynone 2003-12-19 09:08

so assuming the kramer vanguard arrives intact they are worth looking into? I am also looking for another V, I have owned 2 rhodes V's both neck through with floating trems, but both had neck problems.

Mordor 2003-12-19 13:21

Iits worth lookin into. If you don't like it, you can always send it back. Anyway if your thinkin of buyin it, wait for it, to go on sale. The price drops from around $600 to $399.

BLS 2003-12-19 22:36

I like those explorers i played one and its the EXACT demensions as a gibson one because gibson owns kramer now. And the kramer floyd is acually pretty nice, has a nice thick base

Enviedbynone 2003-12-21 20:05

Originally posted by Mordor
Iits worth lookin into. If you don't like it, you can always send it back. Anyway if your thinkin of buyin it, wait for it, to go on sale. The price drops from around $600 to $399.

Awesome, thanks. I was looking at the Baretta with the infinity sustainer on it as well, I quite like those things, I would end up putting it into my RG though and re-arranging the current Kramer pickups, but I would hate to have 3 9V batteries in my RG ( I already have en EMG-81 in the bridge, no other pickups)

I was just thinking if they are even worth looking into at the price tag, usually most guitars at anywhere around 300 bucks suck some serious ass, and just about everything on that site is 300 bucks.

Mordor 2003-12-22 16:01

i aint to sure about that sustainer thingy. The demos of it are pretty sweet but the reviews from people aint to good. And i've never played it so i cant really say

Deathmaster213 2003-12-29 14:37

Rhodes/24 frets

I was told the average Rhodes deosn't have 24 frets because the body is so short, there isn't enough room for the neck pickup, or at least not enough for the neck to truely be a neck pickup...

Obviously it doesn't bother some people cos quie a few Rhodes bodied guitars have been made with 24 frets.

The people that said/supported this theory also said the result in having a pickup right under the 24th fret and thus the octave meant you sometimes got weird shit happening harmonically.... but 22 frets are probably the most common number, so I don't know how often this can occur. :S


Also, I heard that Alexi stopped using Jackson because Jackson no longer have a distributor in Finland (they are Finnish right? If not, it's whatever country he's from) and thus turned to ESP.


Either way, the Rhodes shape fuckin' slays!!!

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