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MeTalManiac555 2003-10-30 17:54

A Few Drumming Questions???
Alright well most of you I am sure know I am kind of new to playing drums.... but anyways that doesn't matter right now so I will get to the point... I have some questions that I thought up today and I need help on it, I don't know all of them right now off the top of my head but will post them when I remember, but for one right now, I am wanting to buy a new double bass pedal and I don't know which one to get, what's better the Power Glide one or the Rolling Glide? Also what is a good (but not too expensive) TAMA picolo snare? I also need new heads, so what are some good heads that I should get? Another one... what are some good books for beginners to get and also I heard that there's a book about double bass and blast beats, what's that?
I have a few more but can't think of them, but when I remember I will post them back up.
Thanks a lot!

xdislexicx 2003-11-08 20:07

my personal preference in heads would be aquarians, anything other than an aquarian on a bass drum isnt so great by my standards.
but for toms and snares its not as crucial to me, some other good brands would be evans,remo, and attack. i have all aquarians on fronts and backs of everything except my snare, on my snare i prefer the evans snare head with dry holes, and i have a remo on the bottom.
as far as double bass pedals go, i like dw 5000's and 9000's the best, iron cobras are also sweet, and i love axis pedals because of how smooth they are but they have one huge drawback to them.... they sound really weak and quite.

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