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Soulinsane 2005-02-01 18:40

Inconel is a Nickel-Chromium based stainless steel made for it's strong resistance to cracking and corrosion. I know that some mixes of it can be pricey but of all the metals I know, I think Inconel would be the best suited for a cymbal as long as it is fabricated correctly. Are all cymbals cast made? I ask 'cause that adds lots of carbon to the metal that make it harder but also very brittle and prone to cracking.

Steel Filth 2005-02-02 00:46

Yes, cymbals can break. I have a couple thin crashes that have broken, they're Paiste sigs so it's not because they're cheap and crappy. They sounded awesome too. I'm guessing that the thicker cymbals would be harder to break, but I like the sound of thin crashes better. So it's just something I'll have to put up with. I usually get a few years out of them first, so it's not too bad. I would imagine how much they get played is just as much a factor as how hard they are played. But, yes they do break, and it must not be too hard...for I am a mere girl :D

low-tech 2005-02-02 05:13

i believe hitting cymbals and drums has more to do with ergonomics as opposed to sheer physical strength. ithink forearm,wrist and hand strength just helps endurance and consistancy effecting overall volume slightly. theres a kid in my town in a band. hes like 5'3, squat and not strong looking at all but he absolutely wails the drums a lot louder than i do,or anyone else around here.he uses 2b sticks. its like using your chi or something.another guy i know absolutely kills sabian rides, another loud drummer using 5b double enders. ive noticed the same thing with swinging a hammer. its pointless to swing your hardest, and the pounds per square inch factor has more to do with the wieght of the hammer and the angle of the swing than the actual force of the swing. this is my theory on heavy gauged sticks, male or female, hits about the same. unless steriods are involved or something absolutely monsterious gets behind the kit

im sending out emails to ask on casting methods. i wish i knew more, my roomate mentioned sand casting, but that just could be the cheapest,easiest way to make something artist and not with integrity. cymbals are also lathed for the most part, but ive noticed those paiste rudes arent. the rudes are made for punk and metal music. it says so in thier advertising. ill get back to this thread when i get more info

Lord.Worm 2005-02-02 09:04

I didnt read every post so maybe my one is misplaced but...
What shall I do with unbreakable cymbals if they sound like shit??
Im not really into that rude sound (except the ride which the cc drummer use, its okay...maybe its because I think the paiste cymbals doesnt soundgood except their Hi Hats (sound edge!!!!!))
since I cracked my Anatolian, I just became more carefully and started to "playing" them...that sounds much better (no really Im not a hardhitter that saves much money and sounds MUCH better.)
So if you just STOP to hit your cymbals like a berserk they can last forever :stoned: ...
My drumteacher had never cracked a cymbal in 20 years.

arvina 2005-02-04 18:10

ive broke 2 playin paisy sigs now.they're way louder than the other cymbals but you have to hit them just as hard to get that full sound out.

The Execrator 2005-02-04 18:25

Ive never cracked a cymbal in my 3+ year drumming career

BrokenCrimson 2005-02-05 06:20

The strength of the hit doesn't really depend on the person's size, or gender. I know small people who are very fit and can bend me into a pretzel, but on the other hand, I can kick the ass of some people taller and suposedly stronger than me. It's not muscle quantity, it's muscle quality, and the muscles in your wrists are independent of your overall size.

I never cracked a cymbal, simply because mine are cheap shit cymbals, and they bend and turn inside out instead.

low-tech 2005-02-26 18:22

my boss gave me a lnconel chop saw blade!, hell yeah, i never found any useful additional info about casting, everyone i know have only dabbled in it,i assumed they were far more experienced. im still trying to get one of my friends to bring me into the school to talk to the casting instructor, doesnt seem like it'll pan out tho, but in a wierd way i did achieve something at least in finding that metal for a cymbal, and it sounds amazing. 10" diameter

Wakeness 2005-04-06 23:54

I broke a Ziljan Avedis 18 Med-thin crash in less than 4 months. (Mind you, I beat it like a high hat, constantly.)
I got a free replacement, but I went with a thicker cymbal.

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