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eviscerator 2003-09-25 17:16

By bdrum sounds stupid
Hi...I've got some drums, but my basedrum sounds stupid...i think, maybe it's because the skin isn't put on firmly enough...or because i don't have a good pillow in it...i dunno...but i uncluded a .wav file with a demonstration...


if you can't download, try saving target as, if that doesn't work, tell me so and i'll fix it

xdislexicx 2003-09-27 17:52

shouldnt this be in the drum forums?

try putting aquarians on it, with a super kick(1,2, or 3) package you wont need a pillow because they have muffling rings on the heads, my bd sounded like shit with the stock heads that were on it, i thought it was just a crappy set, then i got aquarians and now it sounds excelent.

Def 2003-09-27 18:02

moved to drumforum.

make sure the tension is ok, else it'll sound messed up.

The Doctor 2003-09-28 12:18

make sure to tighten the skin fermly, stuff it full with cloths/pillows whatever, and very important: use good slampats!

Bones98 2003-10-06 22:46

You got to adjust ur sustain and tuning...
Are u new at drums?

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