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FoxDog666 2003-09-22 14:54

Effects set-up
This question's probably decades old, but in what order should you put a distortion pedal, a chorus, a wah and eq to an amp to get the best sound when using two effects or more?

xdislexicx 2003-09-25 16:28

i'd put mine, chorus-dist-wah-eq, but you can change it around i guess and get a different sound if you dont like it, some people set there shit up differently, just mess around with it until you get the sound you want.

Credence 2003-09-30 21:48

Yeah, you just need to think of it in the order in which you want to alter your sounds.

Eg. if you want to get a clean sound first (or punchy, or whatever) you'd run your EQ first, followed by your chorus or distortion.

Alternately, if you wanted to say, give your distortion a nice bassy sound, you could run your EQ after the Distortion pedal to raise the low ends, Or if you wanted to crank up the gain on your distortion and give it maybe, some more crunch, you could put the EQ before the dist pedal and raise some of the lows and mids (and even mix in some dB boosts, if your pedal has it, for some extra fuzz :)).

Generally though, in most cases, id say you should have the EQ pedal as the first in the chain though, as it usually results in the best sounds, and you can tweak it more accurately (even though, this may not be completely true for hardcore metal).
Think of it as Source -> Source equalization -> Effect -> Effect.

Good sound in, good sound out, right? :)

Thats my opinion on it, anyways :D

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