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Nihilist 2003-09-23 00:39

Originally posted by Alothrysis
Well perhaps I'll learn from this before I burn a cd next time; The Dying Fetus that I believe Nihilist uploaded, all of the tracks except for 1 and 3 cut off the end of the song. I'm not sure by how much though...

Nah, I didn't upload that.

Oh, by the way. I can turn on directory browsing so you guys can just goto and download the shit, instead of logging into the FTP all the time. Yes?

Def 2003-09-23 06:08

Originally posted by powersofterror
Hey Def, I now have CDex...and I [think] I ripped the tracks into .wav's...But I don't know where the tracks went to convert to mp3...please explain the process.

uhm, they go to program files/cdex/my music/ and a folder in there. but you can convert to mp3 from a cd straight away too!

Nihilist 2003-09-23 06:22

Originally posted by BeastOfCarrion
Sorry to all that it is taking so long to upload the Fuck Im Dead tracks ... they SHOULD be up by this friday ... if everything goes to plan

Not a problem, no rush. Upload whenever you want.

far_beyond_sane 2003-09-23 07:10

Originally posted by sanderinos
I'm your black/viking/folk/death metal man!

Folk metal must be had. I have Waylander, Ram-Zet, Cruachan... got anything I can't live without? :D

Nihilist 2003-09-23 07:32

Have you heard Dust From Misery? They are folk/groove metal, it's really quite interesting. I heard a song on Triple J once, but I don't have any tracks.

Def 2003-09-23 08:21

If my memory serves me right, theres a bunch of folks here who appreciate darkest hour, dunno anymore, but hell they're good anyways,

uploading Darkest Hour - Hidden hands of a Sadist Nation cd now.

powersofterror 2003-09-23 10:21

Kalmah's Swampsong uploaded!

Nihilist 2003-09-23 10:25

Darkest Hour, fuck yeah. Only heard a few songs ages ago, good shit.

Def 2003-09-23 10:32

It's nearly done uploading, it'll be done in 5 minutes, threw on the whole album.

if you like Darkest Hour, you'll probably like Deadlock too, its less fast but still seriously kickass.

I'll upload Fear My Thoughts in a minute, they're a metal band with melodical/math influences and have incredible guitar skills (saw them live once, crazy crazy shit.) I got their cd '23' it has like 8 songs, they'll be up this evening. be sure to check out 'Failure' even if you don't like the music, the intro, its the best, ever.

Nihilist 2003-09-23 10:36

Check them out, I surely will.

powersofterror 2003-09-23 11:02

Does anyone have Malmsteen's album Seventh Sign?

sanderinos 2003-09-23 12:37

Fuck! sorry for the crappy upload of dissection... but my connection sucks so much donkey balls....

Def 2003-09-23 13:47

they got a whole bunch of shit up on their ftp... maybe something interesting, didnt take the trouble to look.

maybe someone can use it here.

anyways, Fear My Thoughts is up.

Alothrysis 2003-09-23 14:23

Wow, thank you Def:beer:

Alothrysis 2003-09-23 14:38

Connecting to (
No such host is known.
Connection closed.

Hmmm... it's 1:40pm mtn time and I'm getting this message when I try to log in...

Even trying to get to it through IE and it says the same.

powersofterror 2003-09-23 16:37

Originally posted by Def

they got a whole bunch of shit up on their ftp... maybe something interesting, didnt take the trouble to look.

Meh, all that shit pop/rock/rap, and they have no zztop, and only 1 Van Halen.
No metal at all...
:p :p :p

Def 2003-09-24 03:50

Originally posted by Alothrysis
True, but now I can complete my beatles and pink floyd collection

and they got all new movies too....

Nihilist, I think thats a good idea, for everyone that doesn't use an ftp program, I guess!

far_beyond_sane 2003-09-24 06:51

Originally posted by sanderinos
what about Falkenbach, Finntroll, Otyg etc?

Finntroll I have. The others I would like.

Uploaded the rest of the Arkangel album yesterday. Enjo.

Nihilist 2003-09-24 10:05

I will upload a Devolved track, to see if anyone likes them. If so, I'll upload more. Fellow Aussies would probably know this band.

Also, I created a "Covers" folder. Chuck miscellaneous covers (by metal bands, of course) and junk in there. I'll upload a few tonight, or early tomorrow.

Alothrysis 2003-09-24 11:42

Monstrosity's Angel of Death isn't a complete upload, stops at 3:02...argh

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