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dropD 2003-09-07 13:41

What do you guys think?
Very soon I will be having my first real gig and I am going to need some more power than what I have now (35w fender from 1983). While my current setup is extremely loud in my house, and I can even practice with my band, I am going to be buying a half stack. This is where I need some help. I am not what you would call rich and so I am looking to buy some cheaper gear. This is what I was thinking-

and a

From what I have read these pieces of gear are both quite good. And, 200w will be plenty loud for myt gigs. Being that I don't have very much money what do you guys think about this purchase.

Def 2003-09-07 14:04

I'm not a fan of Behringer products, the guitar cabs of them really suck, I've heard it myself, they're cheap, but lousy no-tone wonders.

Randall, well you either like or don't like the sound, but at least they make amps that don't break down in the heat of a gig.

chris-o-fer 2003-09-09 16:40

You need to go to e bay, dude. There are some killer ass deals on good used gear for cheap. Seriously. I've seen half stacks go for 100 bucks, in good condition, good brands. Just watch out for the shipping costs though, some people try to hide extra charges in there.

FearFrost 2003-09-11 21:32

I have a Randall amp, its an OK amp (but if you want good distortion you WILL NEED a distortion pedal), but I would personally go with a Marshall next time I get a new amp (has more nuts than a Randall).

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