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Fear-Of-Magnets 2003-09-01 07:10

5 strings
I'm a guitarist mainly bit of a drummer and I thought to myself the other day i know ill try my hand at bass. So i went out and got myself a nice 5string Ibanez black and shiny for 230 But was 5stings worth it? from what ive seen most use 4 strings so im a little confused about tis extra string i have. Im sure it'l come in use when i get good but until then i dont know what to do with it.

daggerfall 2003-09-01 08:19

I use 4 string, and I don't feel I need 5 string. My hands are not to bigg...

In my ignorance I think 5 string basses is often used as the 7 string guitars in nu-metal... They give a heavyer sound.
I talked to a guy who plays 6 stringhe said 4 string was for commies :rolleyes: Well I'm a commuist so it fits:p

Go to the store and try both, and buy what you like best.

Def 2003-09-01 11:07

I use both 4 and 5 strings, I find it easier to play on 4 strings because the neck is a bit thinner and faster.

the 5 strings are neat too, you can play them 'lazy' style, because you don't need to go down the frets for lower tones. plus you'll have a lot more low end, which is good.

and not only for gay nu-metal, a whole shitload of bands play with 5 strings.

just don't drop A tune it and slap like a moron, and you'll be fine.

Tattered 2003-09-05 14:57

Yeh, 5 strings r cool, but i dont tend too use mine much, i stick to 4 string and gig with my vintage 4 string, mainly, but there cool things, and have a nice low B which has an amazing growl.

Bassman 2003-09-24 22:10

there's nothing wrong with five strings, they give you that extra low-end. i play 4-strings though.;)

Rattlehead 2003-10-06 10:21

5-strings can be very usefull if you want to learn songs from bands, especially newer ones (past 10 years) because they have become more available and so many mkore bassists have them now. I personally have a 4-string, and find that in order to play different bands, I often have to tune down which can be annoying. Sometimes I don't even bother - I just play an octave higher. As for when it come to creating music a 5-string can be usefull although you can easily make do without.

And haha to the tuning the B string down a step and slapping. **Plays Mudvayne's dig an octave higher**

societys finest 2003-10-26 01:14

i like 5 strings better because you dont have to downtune as much and you can get a heavier sound out of it:beer:

kingincrimson 2004-07-06 21:10

I use 4,5 & 6 string basses. I love the 6 string for the higher range of playing

Dystopia 2004-07-06 22:00

The thing you have to remember is, you really are only getting 5 more notes out of your bass. If you want to spend the extra money and you think it's worth it, go for it.

Disincarnate 2004-07-07 01:05

ive got a four string but gonna buy a five string soon....the thing with 5 string is that u hav access to some notes which are not available in a four string

Sodomaniac 2004-07-07 12:45

Originally Posted by Benevophobic
ive got a four string but gonna buy a five string soon....the thing with 5 string is that u hav access to some notes which are not available in a four string

yeah that's the reason that I will buy me a 5 string bass next I think.

Disincarnate 2004-07-20 11:56

i dont want a 6 string...i looks to wierd...if u want a 6 sting instrument ..might asa well get a guitar..hehe :beer:

Tattered 2004-07-20 15:57

Ive realised if youve played 4 string for 2 years solid, and move onto playing 5 string now and then in between, your more comfortable with the 4 string, and cant mould into a 5 string. cos of the string spacing.

theres some useless information for you.

Suicidal_Hate 2004-07-21 06:20

Yeh, ive played a four string for years, and i tried a mates five string, and it was pretty uncomfortable, although i have small fingers so it might be that.
I love four string frettless, i played a mates one untill he sold it, and i cant find any more :(

Tattered 2004-07-22 14:21

just search on musicians freind, or on ebay theres tons of em out there.

Suicidal_Hate 2004-07-23 05:15

Hahah thanks. :beer:
Now i just need some money. Anyone feel like donating some... whatever, its not gonna happen :p

westsiderrider 2004-07-23 17:33

5 strings are a good thing to progress to from a four.
they are the same only u have an extra string to play with....

Tattered 2004-07-24 04:39

I dunno.. i feel that if you move onto a 5 string, you lose your feel and touch to a four string, which is a downside to me..

Disincarnate 2004-07-24 06:28

i think esp f and df series rock

SlayerDude 2004-11-24 23:14

Dude...right now I play a 4 string Fender, and I'd fucking die for a five string...something like Alex w. from Cannibal Corpse owns. :D That's my dream feel good about a 5 stringer. They play just like any other bass, it just has an extra string...

Oh, and it all depends on what kind of music you wanna play...4-5 string basses fit mainly your in a good spot right now.

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