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dai saunders 2003-08-30 21:13

colour change etc etc etc
guys i think these pages are getting boring to look though cant you change the colours around a bit

atifman 2003-08-30 22:50

it could be a time for a color change, maybe
but these colors are good because they don't hurt your eyes.

corroded 2003-08-30 23:20

i think the colours are fine:angel:

Nihilist 2003-08-31 00:10

No. The colours are fine.

Def 2003-08-31 06:34

fuck you dai sounders :idea:

Freezer666 2003-08-31 09:53

if you want good colour ideas, just check out phpBB2's themes

dai saunders 2003-08-31 14:14

fuck you def at least spell my fucking name right
this place never changes nothing interesting happens
i thought a colour change or some new smilies would bring this place back to life

The Doctor 2003-08-31 14:44

stop picking on that dude def ;)

Def 2003-08-31 15:55

fuck you, both of you.

I don't give a flying fuck about your name, neither do I care about a goddamn colour change, just let the forum be. at least these colours aren't disturbing.

dai saunders 2003-08-31 16:11

ok, leave the colours as they are, the whole pont of te poll was for peoples opinions and you guys obviously dont want it, screw the colour change screw everything

The Doctor 2003-08-31 16:48

jeez, Def. you were pretty overreacting over there.

societys finest 2003-08-31 17:00

its fine the way it is

Pentacle 2003-08-31 17:11

Would you like everything pink then Dai Saunders?

powersofterror 2003-08-31 18:57

the site isn't pink, it's green, and yes it should stay that way.

guitar_demon 2003-08-31 19:08

he didnt say the site was pink he asked if dai would like it if it was pink

CannibalXampire 2003-08-31 20:18

:confused: It' *SMACKS MONITOR*Piece of shit...

Gigantic Penis 2003-08-31 23:47

I'm no computer whiz, but I think that changing the color would be a little time consuming. That's why websites generally don't do it too much.

Nihilist 2003-09-01 02:46

It'd just be editing a stylesheet, wouldn't it?

Edit: I had a look at the admin section of vBulletin. Would take awhile.

nomad 2003-09-01 04:57

No colour change. Amen! :vampire:

sanderinos 2003-09-01 08:40

Leave it be... itīs a lot better than black forums...

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