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MeTalManiac555 2003-08-27 20:58

Alright I am posting this up again because I need to get cymbals really soon or I am going to die! Ok well I don't know what kind I wan't, but I am going more towards Sabian and I like Paiste but they are too much. Could someone please download a band called "Prayer For Cleansing" and get their song called Sonnet or ThE Closet (perfer Sonnet) and tell me what kind of cymbals they sound like and if they are the medium or heavy ones and then tell me what kind of snare it sounds like. Thanks a lot!

Pentacle 2003-08-29 04:41

so Sabian and Paiste are not an option for you to buy? If you have the money I'd buy some Zildjian cymbals. I think you can better save money for a while and if you got enough buy a set of really good cymbals. Don't nuy some middle rated sucky symbals, because you want new ones in notime.
I'm saving some money to buy Zildjian Z customs. They sound very loud raw and aggressive. If you buy a set of cymbals, buy a china with it! They're great!

check out !

I'm downloading that song of yours, but it takes fucking long!

MeTalManiac555 2003-08-29 14:56

I can get Sabian for sure if I wanted, but I don't know about Paiste, unless I got the 502's because those are cheap, but are they good do you think and sound good?
Or what about those Sabian AA Metal X cymbals?

omdthrash 2003-08-30 22:43

I have a set of 502s. They're good starter cymbals, pretty cheap for a basic set and they sound decent. I've upgraded and added on a lot of cymbals but I still use the crash and the hi-hats that came with the set. the ride cymbal wasn't any good, it had no ping and it just built up to be too loud after i played it for more than 15 seconds at a time, so i replaced it with a zildjian A ping ride (good cymbal). like i said, 502s are starter cymbals. paiste's pro cymbals are real nice but way too expensive. the sabian AA metal x cymbals are pro type cymbals and they're a good price, check out zildjian Z customs and As too

MeTalManiac555 2003-08-31 00:07

Ok sweet man, thanks. What about the Sabian B8 Pro cymbals? I was looking at them and I picked out the B8 Pro: 12inch Splash, 10in China Splash, 18in Heavy Crash, 16in Heavy Crash,20 in heavy ride, 14in heavy hi hats and the 16 in chinese. Are those good cymbals, and also should I get those heavy ones because I heard they aren't loud and all and that's what I like, I like where it doesn't stay loud for a while and it's jsut a quick sound and shuts up fast, (hah)

omdthrash 2003-08-31 14:19

the B8 pros are also kinda like starter cymbals, they're about on the level of 502s ubt that doesnt mean they dont sound good. a freind of mine has the splash and the china splash and i like how they sound a lot. i haven't played the other ones so i couldnt tell you how they sound. as for heavy or thin, heavy ride cymbals usually arent too loud, they just make a ping sound and thats it and that sounds like what you're looking for. crash cymbals are sorta different. small (like 16 or 17 inch) heavy crashes do have a quick sound and then just shut up (heh) but any crash cymbal thats 18" or above are gonna ring for a while. they kinda make a wall of noise regardless of thin or thick they are. most chinas dont ring for very long at all, and if they do ring for longer than you want (which probably wont be the case as long as you dont get a big ass 20") you can just put a piece of electrical tape on the bottom of it and it wont affect the sound too much.

MeTalManiac555 2003-08-31 14:23

Ok sweet, thanks a lot for the help, I will see if your on AIM to see if you can help me out because I am going to write all this shit down and get suggestions from you. Late!

xdislexicx 2003-09-28 14:53

you might try looking at used cymbals
i bought a perfectly good almost mint sabian aax 20" stage ride for $100, and a paiste sig. series 18" thin china for $130, i also got a dirty sabian aax 18" metal crash for $75, and a 17" sabian AA thin crash for $60, and ziljian A custom hit hats for $150. i took em' all home, busted out some rubbing alcahol and a rag on em', and they were like new. not body could tell they were pre owned buy the way they looked and sounded. i bought them at music go round, and this place called back beats.

i'm not a fan of b8's b8 pro's,zbt,zxt,zxt titanuim, 302,402,502,802, type stuff, they dont sound nearly as good to me as AA's,AAx's,HHx's,A customs,z customs,2002's,rudes,dimensions,inovations, ect. and they dont last as long either.

Def 2003-09-28 15:10

speaking from experience, used cymbals don't last long. lol. only hiiiigh quality ones. guess xdislexicx got lucky (ok, he did buy quality shit)

our drummer uses a Wuhan China now, its cheap as fuck and really kickass (the rest of the Wuhan cymbals are CRAP)

Stagg makes descent sounding cymbals for a verrry reasonable price

MeTalManiac555 2003-09-28 17:14

I was looking at the AAX Metal Cymbals and the AA Metal X cymbals, which are better? They are the same price, and I like the AAX Crash better but not the ride so I might mix it up. What do you guy's think?

Seraphodin 2004-05-11 22:18

AA Metal-X by sabian are sum great cymbals. theres no way you can go rong with them. B8 pros are good for a start, but they will break fast and have crappy sounds, but they are great for the money.

MeTalManiac555 2004-05-13 16:11

Is it true that Paiste's are thin and break easy? I might get some of those if that's not true but I hear they are and I played them once or twice and they did seem a bit thin. I might check out those Neal Peart (sp) from Rush cymbals, they are really expensive but hear they are nice. I have to go play them for about 30 minutes first and see how I like them.

Seraphodin 2004-05-15 22:06

Ive learned over the years that the thinnner cymbal will normaly sound better, but of course it will break faster. Thinner crashes are easier to ride on because they absorb more of the hit. It all depends on how much money you have to spend and how hard ur gonna hit ur cymbal.

MeTalManiac555 2004-05-16 15:13

Yeah man, well I am going to go to guitar center or Sam Ash and check out some more cymbals. By the way, where at in NC do you live?

Seraphodin 2004-05-28 10:06

I live down in Cary. You should wait to go to guitar center. I think next week they got a sale going on, ill be the first one there :D

MeTalManiac555 2004-05-28 14:58

Cary? Where's that at and how far from Weddington or Charlotte? Yeah I saw something about that sale, when next week is it because I will be at the beach until Tuesday or Wednesday?

harvester of sorrow 2004-05-28 16:53

My friend uses Sabian Metal X not sure which ones, but I think theyre the most expensive. Anyway, he hits them EXTREMELY hard and theyve lasted 5 times longer than the rest hes had. Hes had them for over a year now but if u like ur cymbals to last, u might wanna think about the metal x's. Plus they sound good. :drunk:

Seraphodin 2004-05-29 14:06

Cary is near raliegh, and if u wanna go to the sale i think its alredy goin on.
Yeah harvester metal x's are wut i use, xpensive but they are worth it

MeTalManiac555 2004-06-08 22:49

Well I went to guitar center today, and yes it's way late but I never got to go to that sale. It seems like every time there is a sale there I can't go until the day or week after it. Oh well. I still got the thing's I needed for my set so now all I am concentrating on it getting good before I get new cymbals and all. I still have a Planet Z crash/ride and no name hi-hats and crash. lol Oh well as long as I get good then I am happy.

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