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sanderinos 2003-08-05 04:52

Wacken Open Air 2004
Dudes! When I was on wacken 2003 they allready announced for 2004!

Grave Digger
Amon Amarth

And highly probally Dimmu Borgir and Iced Earth :D

The Doctor 2003-08-05 04:55


count me fucking in man, im there!

sanderinos 2003-08-05 04:59

cool... I'm allready going for Amon Amarth!

bierfanaat 2003-08-05 13:51

another band
Heeeey do i got a cooool(not) update for wacken 2004, BhonzeOnkels (or whatever you spell it) is also coming, Wooptyfriggindoo, like anybody is waiting for a band like those wankers...

Lol they showed it on screen right before in Flames started and the entire croud went on booing to the screen.. so that shows how much the people are waiting for this crappy band..

But the rest of the lineup already is cool again.. i am defenatly going

and so is sanderinos

The Doctor 2003-08-05 13:55



bierfanaat 2003-08-05 14:46

well... i can.. but it is still difficult for me.... aspecialy when i'm drunk ;)

The Doctor 2003-08-05 14:59

ah, too much hertog jan?

bierfanaat 2003-08-05 15:35

there can never be too much Hertog Jan :D:D:D:D hehehehe

:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

The Doctor 2003-08-05 15:48

what do they sell on Wacken?

sanderinos 2003-08-05 17:11

Paulener... never heard of it but it was good! and some festival shit... no Maes as in Graspop :D

bierfanaat 2003-08-06 00:38

lol, sanderinos thought it was good, and that showed every single evening there ;) hahahahahaha. It was expensive though, i mean 3.50 euro for a glass of beer and somethimes even 4.00 euro's.. i mean that's expensive(spoken like a true dutchman hehehehe)

sanderinos 2003-08-06 05:58

Dude, I felt good paying €4.00 for a paulener... it was delicious.... :beer:

MetalPoldi 2003-08-06 06:26

Paulaner is "Wheat"-beer with much yeast. It's very popular in Bavaria. They sell much of it at the "Oktoberfest", think you've heard of it. :D

And the "Böhse Onkelz" are really a fucked up band. It was a very popular band for racists, but now they're more popular and deny that they were racists.
Their music is boring, nothing special. But many "non-metalheads" like them, because it's quite hard music for them.:angry:

sanderinos 2003-08-07 04:01

hehehe yeah for weaklings like themselves...

bierfanaat 2003-08-07 05:04

i just don't understand that wacken after hearing the reactions of the public when they showed the commercial for next year on the big screen didn't realised that bohnzeonkels just sucks and has to be scrapt from headlining,, i mean i could name a huge number of other bands that could really count as a headliner.

(just a thought but maybe braxator hahahaha,) Thyrfing, Finntroll, Cannibal Corpse, iced earth (maybe this time for real) maiden, (yes i know, i'm a sentimental sucker ;))and so on.... why a band like BohnzeOnkels... just can't understand.. but hey, every time there has to be a crappy band i think.

sanderinos 2003-08-07 06:32

I think that once confirmed, they can't be cancelled.....

bierfanaat 2003-08-07 08:27

grin ... never say never... maybe they get an *awfull* accident ;) like with a tourbus or something... or they just blow up on the stage(wich would be very cool and very original) ..... but just keep your hopes up and stay positive,
:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

The Doctor 2003-08-07 15:01

after playing one song with boo's and tomatos they will leave

bierfanaat 2003-08-08 08:03

good idea, .. maybe also paint some stones red so they look like tomatoes, you know, those really sharp pointy stones ;)

CannibalXampire 2003-08-08 08:08

:bawling: I WANNA GO! God damn Atlantic Ocean.

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