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Alothrysis 2003-07-31 02:03

Ephemeral Slaughter
Finally came out of a block I've had for awhile so here goes...

Since the beginning, death awaits you
Out of the shadows, its becoming
Your last breath, soon to be here
Fearing for death, it wrenches the core


Bludgeon, the hammer it falls
Blood stains the floor but I need more
Bones and sinew, the clashing of man
Burning with hatred, look in my eyes
Try what you can, you soul won't survive

Cries of agony, the pain inside
Stabbing you blind, suffer my kind
Intestinal devastation
Glazing of the eyes

Through a bloody view you see the moon
Laughing echoes, no one scorns
It shines darker than ever before
The crack of your skull, that's my tune
Anger inside, forever doomed


Seering pain, within runs through
Pulp of puss, "please God, what did I do?"
Nowhere to run, no one to call
Pleading for life as your brain hits the wall

Always fun writing DM...:behead:

L,B'XXX 2003-08-01 20:17

Whoa, that end was badass. You are very picuresque in your writing but you didn't use anything but everyday language. I've noticed most of the best liked lyric in whatever genre are like that. And it has that ending that's especially appealling. I don't go for the growls for this, but something strong edged with emphasis on the lyric would really sound great. I liked this a lot.

Alothrysis 2003-08-02 00:51

Thank you much for the compliments :beer: Just one of those days when everyone gets on you nerves, I think we'll still use growls, perhaps make it more audible to the listener. It'll probably end up being nothing but brutal and fast, so as to keep to the impact I hope to achieve.

L,B'XXX 2003-08-04 07:10

Sounds good to me. Any chance of you posting the finished product?

Nihilist 2003-08-04 07:17

Very nice. :)

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