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metalprep6969 2004-05-19 18:43

Been in the market for a while to get a new guitar. Gonna get one after i've gotten all my money from my summer job. I'm pretty stuck on a Carvin, but we'll see how this price quote comes out and see how you guys like yours. Here are the specs I entered...

Right Handed
Body Shape: Stealth
Construction: Set neck
Body Material: Alder
Flamed top: no
Body binding: yes
Back binding: yes
Binding color: black
Pickups: neck - hum, middle - single, bridge - hum
Finish: snow white
Headstock shape: stealth
Neck material: maple
Reverse: no
Headstock finish: match body finish
Neck finish: match body finish
Fingerboard: ebony
Number of frets: 22
Fret size: extra jumbo
Fingerboard inlays: block
Inlay at 12th fret: yes (initials)
Fingerboard end: square
Fingerboard binding: yes
Headstock binding: yes
Binding color: Black
Nut: bone
Width: 1 5/8"
Hardware color: black
Bridge system: Shaller Stopbar/Tune-o-matic
Tuning machines: Schaller locking
Pickups EMG
Neck - EMG 81, Middle - EMG SA Bridge - EMG 89
Control knobs: 2 volume + tone
Pickup selector: 3-way toggle
Hard case: only if it will not fit in a standard guitar case.
Other Options:Can I get 3 volumes (arrange in a line like a strat's, with the bridge volume closest to the pickups and the neck the farthest) and 1 tone (to the right of the volumes)? I'd like the pickup selector to only go to one pickup in each position (so middle is the EMG-SA). Can I get my initals (CBT 3) inlayed at the 12th fret (preferably within the block inlay)? I'd like the Ran logo on the headstock to be black. I'd like the toggle to be in the center of the wing under the neck pickup.


Soulinsane 2004-05-19 19:40

Fritz! Holy smokes dude! The paint job sounds cool as hell, but do you mean that only the beveled edges, neck, and peg face will be metallic black while the rest of the guitar is metallic red or that only that the front of the guitar body burst metallic red into metallic black or becomes black metallic sharp at the first front beveled edge of the body? Either way I realy like the 12th fret skull inlay and RR shape too. If you get it done post pics!

Metalprep6969, that will be one hell of a guitar too. A lot of binding but on a snow white guitar with block inlays ( nice touch on the CBT3 within the inlay too ) it looks really good. Also, very intrusting control config. I don't believe I have ever seen a 3x strat vol with one tone to the right and 3 way selector before, but I like it. I also had the bridge vol pot pleaced forward on my guitar with the neck second and tone last, just like a Jackson KV-1 control config.

Thanks for sharing your dream guitar specs. Post more if you like, because I think I'm taking over this thread ( sorry Undying_Hate, but can I have it as my own? ). I really like to hear about guitars.

metalprep6969 2004-05-19 20:18

Thanks man, guitar is my life, I spend a buncha time learning about it. What I meant by "in line like a strat's" is the three knobs on a strat are in a line (they are actually 1 vol, 2 tone. I want to have my volumes spaced like that and have the tone to the right of it (further from the neck than the volumes). I think that would be about the easiest for quick knob adjustments, which is pretty essential for live playing.

If you guys like fully customizable guitars, I'd recommend you check out Carvin guitars. THey are cheap and they have incredible reviews. The guitars are beautiful an very nicely priced (as is all of their stuff). I've heard people say they like them better than any other guitar they've ever played: LPs, PRSs, etc etc... The body styles are less radical than the Ran guitars, but quite cool.

That invader looks freaking sweet fritz, nice paint job there.


Soulinsane 2004-05-19 21:09

Carvin do make nice guitars too and well priced at that. I have though about getting one so maybe next tax return I will. I really don't know why carvin doesn't get more props for their guitars but maybe it is because of their conservitive styling. I know that bass men really like their stuff though!

Cybris 2004-05-19 21:39

wow these guitars kick ass! the ones you guys are describing sound incredible also. too bad these guys aren't more known in the states or they might set up shop here which would kill!

BLS 2004-05-19 22:51

Originally Posted by Cybris
wow these guitars kick ass! the ones you guys are describing sound incredible also. too bad these guys aren't more known in the states or they might set up shop here which would kill!

then they wouldnt be cheap anymore :(

do they accept paypal???

"Dear Eric,
Invader guitar in your specification will costs 1190 euro.

Best regards,
Dariusz Kuczynski.

> R_or_L_handed=right handed
> body_shape=Invader
> construction=neck thru
> body_material=mahogany
> flamed_maple_top=yes
> binding_top=yes
> binding_back=no
> binding_color=white
> pickups_neck=HUM
> pickups_middle=N/A
> pickups_bridge=HUM
> finish=black see-thru
> headstock_shape=Invader
> neck_material=maple
> reverse=no
> headstock_finish=black
> neck_finish=match body finish
> fingerboard=ebony
> number_of_frets=24
> fret_size=extra jumbo
> inlays=diamonds
> inlay_at_12th_fret=no
> fingerboard_end=square
> fingerboard_binding=yes
> headstock_binding=yes
> binding_color=white
> nut=locking
> width=1 11/16''
> hardware_color=black
> bridge_system=Schaller Locked Floyd Rose Tremolo
> tuning_machines=Schaller M6
> pickups=EMG
> pickups_neck=EMG 85
> pickups_middle=N/A
> pickups_bridge=EMG 81
> control_knobs=volume + tone
> pickup_selector=3-way lever
> hard_case=yes"

nothing special, i just love flamed maple tops stained black with white binding

metalprep6969 2004-05-19 23:14

What is the exchange rate from euros to US dollars?


BLS 2004-05-19 23:17

metalprep6969 2004-05-19 23:22

Originally Posted by BLS
nothing special, i just love flamed maple tops stained black with white binding

Hell yeah, high contrast binding is the shit, i mean look at my guitar, haha.


Soulinsane 2004-05-19 23:57

Last know they couldn't use paypal yet! That may have changed now because they are apart of unified Europe. Just ask! If not then let me know and I can help.

BLS, Sweet! I really like trans black tops of any kind! If you get this then you must also post pics.

Soulinsane 2004-05-20 14:28

You are lucky! You can almost throw a rock and hit Poland from Sweden. Do you have one of these guitars too or are you maybe planing on getting one?

Also thanks to everyone for the compliments. I do feel very lucky to finally be able to get this guitar. It took a year to save up for it.

Slabbefusk 2004-05-20 15:04

well the ran guitars are awesome but i have to learn to play better before i get one. I'd really like one.

Necro_Butcher 2004-05-20 19:02

what exactly is a flamed maple top?

Soulinsane 2004-05-20 20:10

Maple tops are only a then sheet, like 1/4", of maple placed on the front of the guitar and it cost, but can effect the tone of the guitar for the better. The flame maple sheet has a grain design the looks striped as if flames were crawling up it, I think, because there are also spralted, quilted, and birds eye tops too. This sheet is usually stained some transperent color and finished with a clear coat so that you can see the wood grain.

I'm no expert on guitars with tops but I think I'm right about all this. Hope I helped out.

metalprep6969 2004-05-21 16:29

Yeah that's right. It's good to blend two types of wood. Maple is bright, so if you put it on top of mahogany, the lows from it mix well.


BLS 2004-05-21 16:44

Soulinsane is correct about flamed maple... theirs also curly, quilted, tiger, spalted.... the list never ends. If you ever wondered why PRS guitars looks so ncie its because they use high priced figured maple tops then stain the wood black... sand down the highspots... and restain is green... blue... red whatever color you want... that gives it a 3d effect. That technique works best on flamed maple and exspecially quilted mpale.

Soulinsane 2004-05-24 17:40

Right, to hell with the damn case. I can always get another, but a guitar has a soul. It is built from a living thing so I see it as retaining some magical value of life ( every one of them have a personal sound and feel ). It took years for the wood to grow. Good built guitars have materials that are hand picked from the oldest trees with good grain, right? Those trees have been through storms, heat, and are older then many of us. I worry more about this guitar then my own life I think. It will out last me, I'm sure.

Blahk, I'm drinking again so sorry if I sound crazy :drunk:

I just got an ideal! Maybe someone sould design a case that can withstand a truck driving over it and the guiter be fine! Anyone have any ideals about how this could be done? :drunk:

BLS 2004-05-25 00:19

Is it being sent by UPS, FedEX, or shitty old USPS?? really i wouldnt worry... ive buy 98% of my shit online including big things like amps... and the tubes werent cracked when i got the head or anything. I belive theirs still some people trying to acually do their job properly.... a very few.

Undying_Hatred 2004-05-26 03:51

Yes, I did start this thread (quite obviously) and yes I would like one of these guitars. But if I were pulling that much money out of my fucking asshole Im pretty damn sure that getting insurance would be one of my top prioritys.

BLS 2004-05-31 01:05

It'l be fine. Ive had shit shipped from sinapore or however you spell it and it arrived in one piece. Hell.... Ran probably did make you pay insurance with out you even knowing just incase... alot of companies do that.

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