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DEAD 2003-08-02 19:34

Originally posted by metalheadmark
What? No offense or anthing but I didnt understand a word of that!

I think im gonna go for one. Its gonne be exactlythe same as a jeff haneman esp signature but im not paying a couple of thousands for it to say 'esp' at the top.

What I'm saying is that say Ran guitars charged the same amount for their custom guitar as ESP. Who would you buy from? ESP right? Well a few hundred dollars of the ESP is that you are paying for the brand name and for the artist's lincense. Thats why the same quality guitar wil cost more from a big name than from a small name. Wow that was really hard to understand huh?

metalheadmark 2003-08-03 06:27

I got confused over what you said first, not a big deal.

I know what you mean though.

Undying_Hatred 2004-02-06 01:21

Ran Guitars
Any of you guys heard of this brand? The guy from Vader uses the "InVader" (haha) made by them, and Ive fallen in love with their Highvision model. The only problem is the price, 825 euros and I can only imagine how much shipping to Alaska is going to fucking be.....Anybody heard them play before or have one?

Bones98 2004-02-07 00:04

Some guy from a polish death metal band used t live by my stepmom's house and he had one, he played with loud volume and I could hear it at times and it sounded fucking sweet.

Undying_Hatred 2004-02-07 01:11

Anyone know what the shipping costs first class would be from poland to alaska?

Bones98 2004-02-07 15:29

It should at least cost about $45-70 dollars to ship to alaska from poland.

Bones98 2004-02-07 23:48


lol, I know its alot, but those guitars look freaking awesome!!!

mctriple 2004-02-08 02:20

what's another $50 for the guitar that you want? :P

BLS 2004-02-08 02:24

Thats not abd for shipping, i paid 60 to get a 4x12 cab shipped to be from chicago and i live like 2 hrs away :angry:

mctriple 2004-02-08 02:37

yeah, really. ordering anything that needs shipped is gonna be costly.

Undying_Hatred 2004-02-08 21:40

Ive never ordered a guitar before, do they pack them good if you order it without a case?

memnoch 2004-02-08 21:47

Overseas shipping is insane cost. 50$ would be a steal if you could find it for that cheap......but for shipping a guitar, that ranges anywhere from 10-20lbs, i'd guess you're looking at much closer to 100$ for shipping, if not more.

I ordered a goddamn DVD from the states, and it cost nearly 20$ shipping, and i'm in Canada.......usually these 2 countries have the best shipping deals because we're so close. From Polad to Alaska?? Eesh.......i don't even want to think about shipping that far!

Undying_Hatred 2004-02-12 01:59


BLS 2004-05-16 20:16

Cool, i really wanna get a invader with the stealth headstock. Looks like your gonna have a killer guitar their. Good Choice on the kahler. Thats a decent price for shipping.

Slabbefusk 2004-05-17 10:01

*cough* bc rich copies *cough*

Soulinsane 2004-05-17 10:17

And ESP and Jackson and Washburn but still oh so nice :D Besides they can custom build anything ( or any copy ) for a better price then the US. I don't feel the least bit guilty after being riped off by most US guitars companys for shit they get built in asia for pennies and then sell it here like its fucking gold.

fritz 2004-05-18 20:56

You know...I just may get one of these. A hell of a lot cheaper than Jackson's custom shop, and most of their standard guitars only have 22 frets. Soulinsane, how long did it take them to make this for you? You can bet I'll be asking you some questions once you get it.

fritz 2004-05-19 15:48

Indeed. He quoted me 1120 euro (~$1350) for an Invader shaped like the Jackson RR (looks like it'd be easier to play sitting down). Not a bad price at all, I may get it when I have that much saved, especially if you like yours.

Soulinsane 2004-05-19 16:26

Fritz, why don't you post your specs here. I would like to see them because I'm a guitaroholic. I had not thought of asking them if they even made an RR model, but any V is comfortible for me to sit with classical guitar style. I hope that mine is badass; from everything I gathered about Ran they are; and that you could get your dream guitar built some day soon. If you do decide to get one and have any problems or questions about sending payment ( the hardest part for me ) then just message me. They want half up front and the other half before shipment, but it's cheaper to send it all at once. I have all the info saved on how I did it. It's kind of a pain, but it's only standard US customs and money convertion shit and not hard to get through once you've done it once.

Post your specs though. I would like to see them. :D

fritz 2004-05-19 16:55

Half up front isn't bad, hopefully it'll be easier for me to send payment...everything I asked of him is below:

Right Handed
Body Shape: Invader
Construction: neck-thru
Body Material: Alder
Flamed top: no
Body binding: no
Pickups: neck - hum, middle - none, bridge - hum
Finish: deep metallic red (metallic black edges)
Headstock shape: avenger
Neck material: maple
Reverse: no
Headstock finish: black
Neck finish: match body finish (metallic black)
Fingerboard: ebony
Number of frets: 24
Fret size: match to jumbo frets on Ibanez, Jackson guitars
Fingerboard inlays: shark fins
Inlay at 12th fret: yes, skull on same side
Fingerboard end: square
Fingerboard binding: no
Headstock binding: no
Nut: locking
Width: 1 11/16"
Hardware color: black
Bridge system: Shaller Locked Floyd Rose Tremolo
Tuning machines: Schaller M6
Pickups EMG
Neck - EMG 85, Bridge - EMG 81
Control knobs: volume + tone
Pickup selector: 3-way lever
Hard case: only if it will not fit in a standard guitar case.

Inlay at 12th fret: Skull on same side as sharkfins.

Deep metallic red, edges metallic black (like the one on the main page, but different colors).

For fret size, I want which is closest to the size of the jumbo frets on guitars made by Jackson or Ibanez.

Also, can you shape it so the point on the bottom is shorter, like on the Jackson RR series, so it is easier to play sitting down.

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