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The Doctor 2003-07-06 04:45

Graspop evaluation
yeah, i tought it was worth a new thread.

Antrax was the fucking headliner for me man, The kicked maiden ass!!
And PST and Def were laughing at me when i fel during my first crowdsurf:D

short said, it was fucking great!

sanderinos 2003-07-06 07:45

hahaha!!! The Docter hit the dirt face down!

Saw Destroyer666 wich was nice opening death metal. The Haunted was good, but the sound was bad.... then Finntroll wich was Awesome! Allthough I couldnīt the hear the keyboards so well... then I went looking for Def and PST, who where at Anthrax (saw it from a distance, didnīt like it too much). Went to the metal market and bought 4 cdīs for 20 euros! and 2 new longsleeves (momīs gonna kill me :D)... Found PST and Def at the market, then went for a snack and more beer... Got back and saw Alice Cooper :sickface: ... then there was Maiden! Great show, but everybody was pretty tired and I had some sort of shitting desease!

Def 2003-07-06 07:56

haha, yeah, fucking tired, I got back at 5.20.

I woke up like half an hour ago.

Anthrax was fucking amazing, great sound, great show, great crowd, I was laughin my ass off when PST and me where in front at Anthrax. cuz we left Finntroll after 2 songs,

at Anthrax all of a sudden somebody flew over us, and hit the ground face first, after a couple of seconds I realised it was the Doctor and I laughed my ass off :D

I was pretty impressed by the Haunted but their live sound wasn't too good, though, their show rocked and my neck did some badass bending

bought obituary's 'dead' which isn't on sale in holland, great stuff.

pissed against a church, which was good.

ate pizza, which was good too

enjoyed seeing Sanderinos run to a toilet every 5 minutes to take a dump


sanderinos 2003-07-06 08:19

I was a real serial shitter :D but I feel much better now...

sanderinos 2003-07-06 08:25

And PST and me plotted to burn the church and kill a fag to keep the black metal spirit up...

Def 2003-07-06 08:28

well I could probably stop you guys by pissing on the church again, man, I really, really had a great piss over that church :)

well I didn't kill a fag, but I tried. haha, nobody would notice during Maiden

sanderinos 2003-07-06 08:58

But if burned the church we could then piss on it... when someone then asks, we can say that were fighting the fire :D

But back to the topic...

I noticed that the setlist was the exact same on they played on waldrock..

The Doctor 2003-07-06 09:30

i tought maiden was pretty boring. Not really my style. But the stage was cool:cool:

and it wasnt face first, my ass is killing me:)

Def 2003-07-06 09:39

well at least we got a good laugh out of it :D

hehe, Anthrax was the shit, I need to learn that guitar/mosh/dance move.

I didn't like the way graspop was organised though, food and drinks where pretty darn expensive, god save that place in the village where they sold kebab and pizza's. my legs still hurt from driving back, the trip counter told me we drove a grand total of 600+ km

that is, leaving from Rhenen city, heading to Dessel, heading back to ijsselstein to drop off Sanderinos, heading to Amsterdam, where we dropped of PST ON the Dam Square (haha) and heading back to Rhenen city again.

The Doctor 2003-07-06 11:11

globetrotter you are:)

tomorrow me and my mates are gonna have an afterparty because we have a shitload of beer left.

*yawns* im goin to bed early tonight:sleeping:

Dyldo 2003-07-07 01:18

Arg that looked like a killer show. Fucking Europe..

I feel so left out... :bawling:

The Doctor 2003-07-07 03:47

hehe, yeah you mist out.

but most albums and movies come out earlier in USA, so there's your advantage:D

sanderinos 2003-07-07 05:06

Overall it was good.... seen some good things... too bad I mi st the murderdolls :D :D :D :D

And the maiden show was awesome, great stage, great lights, a hyper active Bruce Dickinson....

Dikkie 2003-07-08 12:41

Dikkie, the metalgnome, was there too!

Amazing graspop this year!

I enjoyed Stratovarius at the 5th row. Took some pictures! So much power! :flame:
I enjoyed Apocalyptica too! Powerfull!

Than i saw Doro at the first row, i screamed out loudly all the songs. I took some good pics i hope.

Finntroll was a big party. With much little mosh pits and crowd surfers. Nice Nice.
They sang about mushrooms :D

Samael was also fine! Good headbang rhytm.
I saw Maiden from a nice place and it was kicking babeeey!

But my ears are still tuut tuut... :kaioken:

Dyldo 2003-07-08 15:23

Originally posted by The Doctor
hehe, yeah you mist out.

but most albums and movies come out earlier in USA, so there's your advantage:D

Movies yes but I think albums usually come out eariler there. But id take better shows over that any day.

Dikkie, your icon scares the shit out of me.

Def 2003-07-09 04:07

yeah its the gardengnomebastard!

about the cds, it really depends, the movies come out at the same time, but only the big ones, the less immensly advertised ones get in the theathers a lot later here, but its the same way around with european movies (read: german porn) so.

though we've got a bigger density when it comes to shows, since there isn't much area to cover for bands, and all us-bands do european tours too.. so there ya go.

Graspop was the fucking shitnizz though, oh, PST said you fell on your head, I quote:

The Doctor fell right in front of us, on his face.

those where his exact words, haha

The Doctor 2003-07-09 07:16

haha, im defenetly sure it wasnt my face. my back is fucking killing me.

anyway, is PST gonna be in europe for a while or is he on his way home already?

Def 2003-07-09 15:58

I think he's enjoying cheap ass beer in tjechia now.

who knows. he's probably in your backyard planning to tape some C4 to your bedroom window. ha.

Dyldo 2003-07-09 16:56

You guys get any pictures?

The Doctor 2003-07-09 17:38

graspop pics?

yeah, my pc is slow so i wont post. go to, i even believe they have an english version. there are some pics on it.

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