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artofnothing6 2003-06-26 21:04

buying a head and cabinet
I'm gonna be trading in my 2 combo amps for some cash, and then i'm getting a head and cab. Any ideas? I hear the marshall cabs give a real bassy tone. And i've been looking at the peavey 5150 II head. Alot of the guys i listen to recommend it, and i played a 5150 and dug it, i can only guess the 5150 II will be all that and better. Any suggestions? Try and stay away from the marshalls on suggestions though, cause if i do happen to go marshall head, i already know which one i want. Thanks in advance.

edit: i must add, i play alot of hardcore/metalcore. So i good distortion is in need, but also a great clean tone. I like ot have a nice treble, but yet some good bass sound for when i need it.

Alothrysis 2003-06-26 21:28

They are relatively unknown for making stacks but B-52 has some killer shit. I looked on awhile back and there were nothing but good reviews so I got it. $600 for the half-stack and it ranks up there with Marshall and Mesa, no joke.

2 different kinds of dist. on it, real saturated tone and more of a bluesy distortion. Clean is real good too, I use a DOD Grunge on the clean and even at 10 for both level and master it doesn't get muddy. You'll only need master and level at about 4 though. Speakers sound like Celestion 40's with B-52's own twist, good sound. Umm...built sturdy as hell too.

MechanicalRaper 2003-06-27 06:29

Go Carvin. MTS series or Legacy. They both have kickass distortion (they're both tube amps), and have great clean sound.

memnoch 2003-06-27 14:47

Gear talk = Gear Talk forum.

DEAD 2003-06-27 15:30

If you have $3,000 for for a Soldano.

artofnothing6 2003-06-27 21:36

I'm really leaning toward a 5150 II.

jesus christ 2003-06-28 00:53

ALL of the above mentioned amps are PURE SHIT!!!!!!!!(except for the saldano,but the stock version of those are even shit)

fuck buying a shitty ac/dc sounding mashall or a lame 5150 and go buy a mans amp!

get an egnater pre and have it hot rodded(stock is shit) and get a vht power amp.
all else is shit.:D

Alothrysis 2003-06-28 01:35

Have you played any of the amps mentioned above, or even read reviews and researched for yourself? Had you done so, you would know that the 5150, Marshalls and B-52 are not shit by any means.

Then your post on the Egyptian Scale topic "Ask someone from Egypt!"

Your profile:
Biography fuck you
Location between your moms legs
Interests your mom
Occupation fucking your mom

I have concluded that you sir, are a fucking moron.

jesus christ 2003-06-28 01:47

i have owned every kind of amp you could think of and yes sir i am a total fucking jesus christ!!!!!!!!
and if you really want to learn egyptian modes than my advise in reality is quite good id say. you are a fucking moron!

artofnothing6 2003-06-28 09:07

why the hell would i go and buy some "man's amp" and then change out the insides? It'll prolly be hard like shit to find, considering i've never heard of it before, and its prolly over 1,000 bucks, then another 500 or so to switch everything out and buy the new shit to put it in. Just doesn't make sense. And the 5150 II isn't shit.

jesus christ 2003-06-28 11:00

if you want the cream of the crop than you must pay. youve never heard of it cause yes, it is pricey and a lot of people dont want to shell out that kind of cash for it. but the tone is out of this world! the mod will cost more than a marshall head.
check it out
his cabs are $1100 and the pre is $2k

artofnothing6 2003-06-28 14:28

you give me the information and you expect me to buy it, when 1, i've never played one, and 2, if i'm gonna pay 3k+, it better beat ALL the competition. But even if it did, i still wouldn't buy it cause its probably not my style.

jesus christ 2003-06-29 11:04

do you guys all really think that dime uses a randall head that any of you assholes could go buy at the guitar center or do you think hes paid well to say he uses them when his real rig is off to the side or back of the stage?

you all cant be this stupid!

artofnothing6 2003-06-29 13:30

dumbass, did we say ANYTHING about dimebag? Not everyone here is all pussy whipped over dimebag's playing (no offense to the ones who are, i was at a time). And i said nothing about a Randall. 5150 II is made by peavey, dip shit.

jesus christ 2003-06-30 11:38

ok cockluver, than just replace dimes name with eddies name and it applys to you ya dickzitsoid.
and for the record, dime sucks major ass but he has a good tone(in the opinion of jesus).
now go fuck off!

Def 2003-06-30 14:00

god, I allways knew jezus was an arse :rolleyes:

dime does have a good tone, but I don't think he sucks ass.

jesus christ 2003-06-30 16:15

mr def, yes i suck major arse! i would never deny that.

have you ever considered a pre-amp/power amp setup?

check out the rocktron prophesy and vht power amps.

much heavier than a 5150 and more versatle.

ps-trey blows dime away!

now go fuck off!

artofnothing6 2003-06-30 17:56

oh yeah, i'm buying a 5150 II cause i love eddie van halen, yep, you've figured me out. I have an ibanez, does that make me a korn lover? Dumbass, eddie doesn't even use the 5150 II, he uses the 5150, and i don't need a death metal blaring heavyness. Your an ass.

jesus christ 2003-07-01 04:08

than go ahead and get that angus young tone you pussy!

artofnothing6 2003-07-01 04:24

ok, so the jazz players who play clean, and could kick your ass anyday in their playing are pussies? The classical playing yngwie does that you can't touch makes him a pussy? dude, your such a fag.

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