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Tattered 2003-05-22 12:58

Flight Of The Bumblebee
If any of you have heard this its an amazing classic song written on Piano, Rumski Korsakof or sumthing, and it just rules its very fast, i found a 6 string tab for it, but most of us here play 4 strings. And i was wondering if anyone would know a tab for the 4 string bass version that would be really cool, Thanks

Or try and tab it out yourselves good luck, Joe satriani also played it as a cover live, infront of a huge dream theatre audience, its a very impressive piece, and im thinking of performing it in front of my music class soon, once i get a tab or sheet music for it.....argh!!

Cheers! :beer:

MetalPoldi 2003-05-22 16:52

It comes to my mind, that i know this song.
Please post the tab.

And for the six-string tab: Isn't it possible, that you can transpose it some notes up, so that you can play it on a four string? OK, it's much work. But i think it's worth it.

artofnothing6 2003-05-22 17:34

yeah, post the 6 string version.

Def 2003-05-23 03:35

I'm still working on mark king's dune tune, meh, taking too long but its an impressive song too :D

I don't know this song but it must be a bitch to play on a 4 string, maybe even impossible, depends on how much he uses the high string. on a 5 string you can get a long way but uhm, the higher notes will probably be a bitch. post the tab so we can see.

Tattered 2003-05-23 06:10

yeah well its possible to play it on a four string but the notes would be much lower, but still quite impressive, Im working it out for a four string, ive got the main riff

Heres the six string version for it, its a dream theater website though

Somebody work out a 4 string version i only have 3 weeks till my coursework performance thingy, hopefully i would be able to work it out by then.

MetalPoldi 2003-05-23 07:05

Did you listen to the Original of Rachmaninoff?I just downloaded the song and listened to it. Damn, it's so fucking fast!!!!!!!!!!!!
This tab it's just the half truth. It doesn't look that hard, but listen to the original. There are some notes more. ;)

Tattered 2003-05-23 11:22

What?! Rachiwahoo?!

Def 2003-05-23 12:19

tune up to ADGC ;)

you can't reach that height in normal tuning, so its either tuning up or playing it a string higher in normal tuning.

Tattered 2003-05-24 02:07

Ok im taking your advice def, but can u display a tab for this tuning?

Also this guy who tabbed and performed this is amazing, mp3 takes 20 secs to download

Cheers :beer::beer:

Buganeer 2003-05-25 03:35

that thing beats me... :( i consider myself a fast player, n my lead guitarerro is even faster, but none of us can play this that friggin least not the whole thing :D

Def 2003-05-25 04:58

the trick is using all 4 your fingers, I'm not playing it with a pick because the changing from string to string takes too long (yes this is goddamn fast!)

anyways, tuning up to ADGC makes your strings waaay to tight it plays like shit so I just played it in normal tuning.

Pablo 2003-05-25 09:33

I think the Manowar bass player plays it...
search in the net

Tattered 2003-05-25 13:37

Originally posted by Buganeer
that thing beats me... :( i consider myself a fast player, n my lead guitarerro is even faster, but none of us can play this that friggin least not the whole thing :D

I know thats cos its tapped, but its fucking fast.!

Interfector 2003-06-21 08:18

I found this song in internet. Is not complete but is better than nothing
This tab is for a 4 string bass


Tattered 2003-06-22 05:02

Cheers mate, thats cool!, is the song by manowar?! what is manowar?!

Def 2003-06-22 05:53

thats a poopy band

Tattered 2003-06-22 07:21

The thing that counts is he got me the tab :)

Cheers interfector :beer:

SoulSlayer 2003-06-24 15:40

Yeah I got that mp3 you mentioned on guitar war ages back whilst browsing around, its amazing. I may try and learn this, sounds challenging :) You can bet you ass john myung can play that with his eyes closed

Tattered 2003-06-29 08:26

Originally posted by Def
thats a poopy band

no mate there fucking amazing, and the bassist can sure use that pick


Sting of the bumblebee - Manowar.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :D :beer:

Def 2003-06-29 09:31

yeah, they are good musicians but hell, that band, bah!

its not my thing lol

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