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The Doctor 2003-05-10 15:41

different basses
i have a old drumkit and im gonna buy a new one with a single bass.

Is it possible to get the two different basses (one old one fairly new) sound the same? or would it be wise to buy a double pedal?

boomashaka 2003-05-12 11:34

id buy them double pedals that go forward and then inward so u can have yur feet further apart(which i think is wut most doubles are anyway). but yeah, buy the double pedals. two bass drums suck ass. its harder to move around and is almost impossible to make sound the exact same(for all that i know at least). in my opinion, the double pedal would be best.;)

The Doctor 2003-05-12 12:15

and it probably be less expensive, what should i expect for double pedal prices? 200 bucks cheap ones?

boomashaka 2003-05-12 12:26

i have no fucking idea about prices. i dont know a whole lot about drums, and i dont even own a set; i can just play them. i wouldnt know about prices and shit. but with a wild guess...200 bux might be average. just check yur local dealer and try to find the ones that best fit u/are the cheapest. but if yur willing to pay up to 350, im sure it cant be more than that! i hope not. but drum equipment can get pretty fuckin expensive. cant help ya there...

Lord Arioch 2003-05-12 12:51

Get a Iron Cobra if you can
a bit expensive but real good

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