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The Doctor 2003-05-04 11:44

tenacious D backwards
at the end of the song Karate i think Jack says something in reverse, anyone knows what he's saying?

i3m 2003-05-04 13:34

if you have a mic on your computer, just record it in sound recorder and flip it backwards

Clad in Shadows 2003-05-04 19:33

or just change it to a .wav and hear it backwords, or use goldwave

deMANUfacture 2003-05-04 20:16

somefink like " i beleive in god" im not to sure, but yeah, they babble on about dat at the end of the cd, sorta like secret song if u just keep listenin to the cd

nightrider06 2003-05-05 00:05

ive herd that song so many times but this is the first time ive realised that bit at the end, but fuks me wat it says

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