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Tattered 2003-04-25 11:18

Work Experience = The best!!
Ok i just got a letter, from jaywalk, the music shop in street, (which you may not be familiar with english towns, citys since most of you live in the USA,netherlands,AUS, etc) anyway they have accepted me for work experience, and im working in a music shop, for a whole week

Hours - 10am - 6pm :D Lunch break 2 hours, its got about 10 basses in, about 35-40 guitars, and a nice rack of amps, etc, its a very small shop, and not many people come in, so i will just be tuning guitars, basses, etc, and jamming out for a whole week,

Pretty sweet, And they order guitars basses, every 2 days..its gonna be cool.

K just wanted to say. Any of you people ever had work experience at 14-15-16?

Buganeer 2003-04-26 01:00

hey compadre, hope ull stick to it...i work fulltime in a musicstore nowadays, it's real fun ;) hope u like it there

as for the work experience, yeah i did that with 16 to earn my first *real* bass horrible bureau stuff, call center and crap but i got enough money so i could afford my first ibanez ;)

EntropyBassist 2003-04-27 14:10

Im doin a dipolma in music technology when i go to college and i get to do work experience in recording studios, outside gigs etc etc.. i think its pretty damn sweet!!

i did do work experience at 16, but i wasnt accepted into a music shop as they had a overstaff thing going on so they couldnt take ne one on so i ended up working in a shoe shop (yay!) which majorly sucked ass.

its cool that u got to work in a shop !!

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