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The Doctor 2003-04-22 06:06

check this shit

the music they make is fucking cool, they're on

Dyldo 2003-04-22 16:30

Pretty cool. The vocals are killer but the way he uses them sounds like someone is tunning a radio with the bass on way to low. That video of the drummer is sick too.

vileangelofdeth 2003-04-22 19:16

They remind me of Malignancy

deMANUfacture 2003-04-22 19:57

yeah music was alrite, but i dont appreciate this band like u seem to doctor

warnerve92 2003-04-23 00:01

That lad goes off, pity it sounds shit.

vileangelofdeth 2003-04-23 18:27

anyone got more vids of sick death drummers?

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