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Tattered 2003-04-16 12:44

What are your most influential albums?
What albums have most influenced you too pick up bass and just fling out some tunes?, or Maybe too even start bass.

Mine are

Red hot chili peppers - BSSM, Californication
Primus - Sailing the seas of cheese
Metallica - Kill em all
Rancid - ...And out come the wolves
Nofx - the decline (Ep), So long and thanks for all the shoes.
Smashing pumpkins - Siamese dream
Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon
Pantera - Far beyond driven
Placebo - Placebo
Silverchair - Frogstomp
Vex Red - Start with a strong and persistant desire
Victor Wooten - A show of hands

Thats about 12 albums, Some punk, some metal, and some grunge.


EntropyBassist 2003-04-17 18:11

i spose wat made me pick up a bass was the sound really. everyone i know picked up a guitar and i jus wanted to do somtin which was a lil different but still a key part to any decent band.

trying to be like Flea, Roger Waters, Roger Taylor was somting that kept me going really. I wanted to be just as good as them (and many many others) which is why i still play


corroded 2003-04-18 00:32

something wild
jester race
lunar strain
enthrone darkness triumphant
ride the lightning
somewhere in time

SoulSlayer 2003-04-28 02:39

metallica - ride the lighting, puppets and kill em all
rush - moving pictures
black sabbath - sabbath bloody sabbath
pantera - vulgar display of power
megadeth - so far so good so what (and all others)
death - symbolic

Def 2003-04-28 02:44

Metallicunt - Kill 'em all
Pantera - Far Beyond fucking Driven
Level 42 - any album :D
xShockwavex - Dominicon
Selfmindead - at the barricades we fall
Death - leprocy
Caliban - a small boy and a grey heaven, vent
Slayer - South Of Heaven

and heaps more.. but these cds where definetly forming my style when I started playing, and some still influence my style even nowadays.

MetalPoldi 2003-04-28 12:27

Primus - Frizzle Fry
John Paul Jones - Zooma
and some Jazz-artists, but just some songs of them.

pure_0xygen 2003-04-29 13:05

Red hot chili peppers - BSSM, Californication, One Hot Minute
Metallica - Kill em all
Rancid - ...And Out Come The Wolves
Nofx - The Decline & So long and thanks for all the shoes.
Pantera - Far beyond driven, Re-inventing the steel, Cowboys from Hell, Vulgar Display of Power
Some Eagles Albums
Some Beach Boys Album
And The Unrealeased AVC Album - No Format

Damn I wish I never quit AVC .. lol Bill yu rule!


Tattered 2003-04-29 13:10

Hehe, un-released avc album, we should make that album one day!! and put a cover of the decline on it, you rule too tom!!


Anubis 2003-05-03 12:22

Metallica- Puppets, Lightning, and Kill 'em All
Anthrax-Persistence of Time and The Sound of White Noise
Kreator-Pleasure to Kill
Iced Earth-Burnt Offerings
Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath
Pantera-Cowboys from Hell
Ozzy-Diary of A Madman
Iron Maiden-Number of the Beast

Damien-X 2003-06-08 22:17

most influential albums for me would be.....

Opeth - Blackwater Park
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Cannibal Corpse - Gallery Of Suicide
Death - Individual Thought Patterns
Death - The Sound Of Perseverence
Dream Theater - Images And Words
In Flames - Whoracle
Exodus - Bonded By Blood
Testament - The Gathering
Destruction - All Hell Breaks Loose
Stratovarius - Infinite

imAmisfit138 2003-07-26 00:16

the album that influenced me the most was MuDvAyNe's L.D.50 just hearing ryan martinie's bass was all the inspiration i needed that guy will be remembered forever. also Black Sabbath's Paranoid album was another influencial one.

mind is art 2003-08-05 18:11

Here are a few:

Deftones- Around The Fur
Yes- Fragile
Charles Mingus- Blues & Politics

powersofterror 2003-08-05 19:41

the Black Sabbath cd Paranoid.
i learned Faries Wear Boots, Paranoid, and Hand of Doom.
bad ass of all Faries Wear Boots, that badass intro bass,
so god damn bluesy, gotta love it.

ChileanMetal 2003-08-15 17:41

Death - Sound of..
Opeth - Morningrise (in this one you do all the tricks, its complete)

cfe 2003-08-20 04:51

my influences:

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (Klaus Flouride is amazing pick bassist)

Coroner - all (amazing swiss technical metal band 87-94, very prog, very good, their bass/vocalist played all quick running in unison with guitar while singing)

Sabot - all (bass/drums instrumental duo from czech republic, punk-jazz-prog-metal-core)

Primus - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese (their best, this could be done almost without guitar)

Rush - Moving Pictures (Geddy Lee just rocks)

- cfe -

Korgull 2003-10-04 19:28

MOT÷RHEAD, Lemmy Rule!!!!
Uriah Heep
Baron Rojo
:beer: :beer: :beer:

Unlord 2004-03-15 15:09

Type O
I started played bass because of Peter Steele. I listened to October Rust, Type O Negative's third full length album (4th for the freaks who count the Origin).

Until now I never really played like Pete though. I played pop, rock and brute nu-metal. Mostly fingerstyle. But since I bought a Boss ODB-3, I'm exploring the overdriven pick bass sounds, which are fab in my opinion.

Type O's a great band. Varied with a great sound. Every album again. And thus a huge influence on the way I experience music. :vampire:

MetalThrashingMad 2004-04-01 07:58

tatter3d, good idea for a thread! Mine are:

Megadeth: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Slayer- Reign in fucking Blood
Pantera- Cowboys From Hell
Exodus- Another Lesson in Violence
Anthrax- Live The Island Years

Pß›«H’ 2004-04-01 09:40

In no particular order:

Grinspoon - Guide to Better Living
Metallica - ...And Justice For All
Metallica - Metallica
Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
Tool - ∆nima
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes

mikeslaughter 2004-05-25 11:27

This prob seems too obvious a choice 4 a great alubm, but i dont care.
Slayer - reign in blood, that has had the biggest affect on my life as a bass player, due 2 the sheer speed of it. Tom Araya, bass god!

Secondly, Napalm Death - Scum, is possibly 1 of the greatest extreme albums ever made, and because the bass sounds soo amazin on that album, that made me want 2 play bass more than ever.

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