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Tattered 2003-03-30 08:24

How many Basses do you own and why?
Ok, i currently own 3 basses, and each one serves a purpose, they are:--

Warwick Thumb Bass B-O

I recently just bought this baby, its real good, its been my dream bass for about 3 years, its got a real low, bottom endy sound, which i go for in bass playing, active pickups, and the harmonics when played stand out really well, most likely because of the double J pickups. very good bass.

Ernie Ball Musicman S.U.B 5 (Custom)

I won this about 3 months ago, its worth 800 quid, plays real nice, because of the huge ass humbucker, its got a real plunky sort of funky sound to it, good for slapping, and its also a 5 string, and its good for metal when the low B comes into it.. cant sell this bass cos its a bit of a Limited edition thing, but i love it anyway.

Westfield P Bass

Hahaha this thing is really old.. 3 years, i started out on it.. shamefully using a pick on it.. (argh) but thats what beginners do so.. ahh well, its really worn in, and looks like the jaco pastorius jazz bass.. the real worn in dented, sort of sunburst look. Im looking to sell it for.. not much money, but it does have some memories.. but it has to go.

What basses do you own and why? :beer:

Def 2003-03-30 08:46

mkay, here goes:

Cort Ab-4 My starter bass, nice round sound but nothing special, passive pickups, but 24 frets, fucked up electronics, now all stickered over and no knobs what so ever, still plays like a charm though and I recently put some new Ernie Balls on it, which gave it a sweet slap sound.

Ibanez SR-5 limited edition Prestige Well, the bass I use everyday, costed me a sweet dime, but it was all worth it, great 5 string, custom bartolini/ibanez pickups, 5 piece neck, mono rail bridge, bla bla bla.
Great for metal allround, amazingly tight sounding B string, warm lows, punching mids, my favorite bass till this day, and I've played heaps... the only downside is, the slapping on a 5 string is a bit hard because of the tight string spacing.

I'm planning on getting a used musicman stingray though. (4 string)

walpurgis 2003-03-30 10:40

I only have a Yamaha BB1000S. I think that's what it is. It's burgundy, with some black streaks through it. 4 string. It was my brother's, but he didn't end up wanting to play, so my mom bought it off of him and gave it to me for Christmas about 5 years ago or so...

MetalPoldi 2003-03-30 15:54

Yamaha BBN4 That's my first bass. I bought it second hand with a very nice Marshall amp. I needed it, because some of my friends wanted to make a band and they needed a bassist. So i done it. It's the cheapest Yamaha bass. But i like to play on it. It's a four string with passive pickups. It had natural finish, but now it has silver sparkle finish with some black tribles on it.

Stuart Spector Design NS2000Q I wanted a bass with an active system. And it was cheap (made in corea, the real basses are made in USA; it's really good manufactured). The unamplified tone sounds like an acoustic bass/ double bass/those basses which are used in an orchestra. :D it's transparent blue with a maple top. 4 string. And it has a nice thin neck.

artofnothing6 2003-03-30 18:54

ahh, letting out my bass side now.

Fender Black (pickguard-less) Standard P-Bass It was used, and 100 bucks. My very first bass, it kicked ass when i had it, used it for bass lessons. Doesn't work anymore.

then upgraded to a

Ibanez GSR200BK Good bass for its time, dropped it a couple times, works, but i can't jumps around with it or else it fucks up, it starts buzzing and not working. So you kinda have to stand in one place with it. But eitheray, still a good bass.

Mofoism 2003-03-30 19:24

i have one

ibanez sr400, its in mint condition because i rarely touch it, i use it to make up bass lines for songs for our inexperienced bassist in the band.

but i have 4 guitars.. haha

Buganeer 2003-04-02 19:59

i owned bout 3 or 4 basses before, but these are my tools atm:

Cort Curbow, one 4-string fretless, one 5-string I love the Curbows, small, light, great sound. and they look a hellota more expensive then they are ;)

Tattered 2003-04-03 12:05

A Fretless eh? nice. You gotta post a pic of it man, i love fretless's but havent currently owned one. :(

Def 2003-04-03 12:10

Ah Curbow's they're nice, I played 4/5 strings of them! and they're cool!

Buganeer 2003-04-03 12:16

there u go tatter3d:

and yeah they r cool :) got the looks, the sound and they are affordable i just noticed they are available as 6 string..didn't know that yet...yay i need one :)

Tattered 2003-04-03 12:19

Originally posted by Buganeer
there u go tatter3d:

This is nice!!! How much was it?, i would be proud to own one of them! :beer:

Buganeer 2003-04-03 12:46

i got it for err...lemme think..bout 450 euros. think it was 570 euros list price the time i bought it, but i got me a new cab with it so i could lower the price a lil

very neat bass indeed...i really couldn't go on without a freteless, now that i have one

Buganeer 2003-05-01 12:38

1 Attachment(s) meself a new toy :) so i have to edit my poll vote to 4 ;)

i can't buy anything else but curbow i think, but this one is a beauty...

Tattered 2003-05-01 13:24

Niiice curbow 6 string, i never played a 6 string bass...:(

Most bassists just say there wannabe guitars, hehe :p

But yeh ill try one out soon, in my shop, jaywalk, mwah!!

Buganeer 2003-05-01 13:44

Most bassists just say there wannabe guitars

think of it that way: most guitareros are wannabe bass players :D

SoulSlayer 2003-05-02 07:12

SGC Nanyo Bass Collection
Pretty rare bass now as SGC Nanyo no longer exist but its fucking nice. No proper model pics of it around but you can see it on and then click the 2nd page of bassists, the Immolation bassist is playing it. Its the only bass I have and I play metal and it cool for that so thats all i need at the moment...

Damien-X 2003-06-08 22:28

I have 3 basses, but my ax of choice would be my:

Ibanez BTB405TP: a 5 string Ibanez with a wide mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, bass wood/quilt maple top body, uses Ibanez passive/active preamp/pickup system, monorail bridge, jumbo frets that are great for bending the strings and faster fretwork, has a nice vintage sound to it, very warm, great high, mid and low end........very tight low end especially as the neck is a 35" scale compared to the common 34" scale necks these days, really adds tightness and tension to the strings even when tuning down and my strings of choice are D'Addarios.

powersofterror 2003-08-05 19:51

i got just one...

Jackson Professional, 24-fret.

mind is art 2003-08-05 22:23

I have two that I use:

ESP Viper 104 : I just got it. It is a silverish gray color to it. It's pretty cool. I just fixed up the bridge on it. You can get pretty good sound out of that thing. I like my other bass better though.

Ibanez edb600 : I love this bass. I have it strung normal tuning with the 4th string being a B string tuned to E. It has really good tone and a very good active equalizer on it. So right now, my setup is sweet, but yeah. I just need a full band to play with.

ChileanMetal 2003-08-15 17:37

damn, i only have one 4-string, for economic reasons of course, but im trying to change it , for now i will only buy new strings, besides, the stores in here are like shit, its hard to find something else than a Samick, but ...

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