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artofnothing6 2003-03-25 19:34

"magic with an 8 track'
ever heard of em? NO you haven't. Cause i just made it up. This is the BEST metal song in the world. Check it-

metal=life 2003-03-25 21:29


Piper5150 2003-03-25 22:12

thats not metal THATS BLACK METAL! lol nah i liked it

artofnothing6 2003-03-26 05:43

hmm, i could get a chorus pedal and play it through it to make it black metal. Then scream on the mic every 5 seconds.

SlayedJesus 2003-03-28 12:04


...what's this? ...i'm sure i've heard this before. It's some kind of classic rock...

....and that stufff about "how to turn a song into blackmetal" is very retarded:p

:angry: :uzi: :confused:

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