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L,B'XXX 2012-04-17 20:09

Here you go, guys.

L,B'XXX 2012-04-17 20:16

So what do you guys and girls want to do? Express condolences as a forum or individually with notation of the forum? I'm clueless, but whatever you want to do.

Dyldo 2012-04-17 20:32

Yeah, I don't think that is for us, LB... None of us knew him that well and things like that are reserved for people that did/close friends and family, I don't think it'd be appropriate to jump in on that. Also, I'm sure his parents would love to check out the credited forum only to see everyone screaming "CUNT!" at the top of their lungs over a discussion on how much jizz we would drink for a million dollars that was a seque from Paddy discussion his midget rape fetish at length.

L,B'XXX 2012-04-17 20:34

Yeah, you have a point there. I guess the best thing to do is remember him here like we have been. My prayers go out to his family and other friends regardless. And you all, too, whether you want 'em or not. You're all special to me.

BassBehemoth 2012-04-17 21:07

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX

Damn. Fucking sucks so much.

Yeah, what Dyldo said..perhaps you could say a music forum if you`d like, but maybe not specify this one.

Again, RIP.. :(

Requiem 2012-04-17 21:13

Fuck, James. You were too young. We used to talk quite a bit a few years ago.

RIP man

Paddy 2012-04-17 21:18

Yeah, we can make this thread an MT memorial for him. I'm sure he has friends somewhere who know about this place, I know if my brother or best friend died I'd probably start trawling the web for anything he wrote, starting with his favourite sites. The guy posted 2,237 times since 2006, his profile name is on the first page of results on Google, and MT is one of those - I'm sure his peeps will find their way here :)

A slightly more detailed account:

It's amazing, there are hundreds of news sites out there and every single one of them is the exact same 3 paragraph statement :rolleyes:

DameFraMorkum 2012-04-17 22:11

Wow, very sad to hear this all checked out. I don't know what I expected, it's just very strange to think about someone having a presence and then just poof. Even stranger when that person had a presence in your life, real or virtual, to whatever extent.

Dyldo- I subscribe to the subreddit "shreddit", a metal related subreddit. I happened to click on the link and recognized his username, then checked to see if this moe and our moe were the same.

LB- I didn't contact the original poster about JJ's identity because we seem to have independently verified it on here. I am also at a loss for how to approach this, I don't want to seem insensitive and I'm worried it could be seen as prying if I ask too much. I already left a comment saying he posted on a forum and everyone is upset by his untimely passing... I think that is enough for now.

Such a shame, he seemed like a really funny guy with impeccable taste.

L,B'XXX 2012-04-17 22:14

Most of them came from the Statesman, but I did see one account that he'd hit a fence.

That's cool, Dame. You did well. I only thought of you connecting with his friend to confirm it, but like you said that's been done. Unless you'd want to tell him on that site via pm or something that we all are sorry for his loss.

Def 2012-04-19 13:45

Damn, that's harsh. So young...

My sincere condolences from Holland. :(

YOUR_GOD_IS_DEAD 2012-04-19 20:03

Whoa..that is terrible! From the pics I saw that Paddy posted, it looks like he lived a great and happy life. I've never seen a man have such a great time wearing corpse paint that WASN'T Abbath.

johnmansley 2012-04-20 02:41

RIP, dude

keephopealive 2012-04-20 05:47


Paddy 2012-04-21 00:51

I contacted Smegma_Torpedo through reddit, expressing my condolences and those of everyone here. He responded today and mentioned that he and JJ co-hosted a metal radio show on On Sunday there will be a sort of memorial broadcast involving his friends, it will be streaming at midnight central time if anyone wants to listen.

blitz906 2012-04-23 09:29

Holy shit that sucks :(

RIP Moe.

timedragon 2012-04-25 22:28

I met him in person once, just by chance. It was a concert. He called me timedragon the whole time and I just called him Moe. Funny thing.

Sad news. RIP.

Dyldo 2012-04-26 01:06

Oh wow, good to know that someone met him! Were you planning on meeting up there or was it really just a chance encounter (I bet you were wearing your MT shirt, weren't you!)? Who was playing?

timedragon 2012-04-26 01:36

It really was just by chance. There is an outdoor area with lots of picnic tables at this particular venue (The White Rabbit in San Antonio). I saw him at a table and I recognized his face. I went up to him and said "Moe Blunts?". He was kind of astonished. Then I said "I'm timedragon". He bursted out with enthusiasm and friendliness. We hung out for a while, there. Cool fellow.

The concert was with Ensiferum, Finntroll, Eluveitie and Tyr, if I remember correctly.

L,B'XXX 2012-04-26 21:33

Very sweet story. I'm glad someone got to meet him. He sounds like he was a pretty awesome person. Thanks for sharing this.

Dystopia 2012-05-23 09:32

Moe_Blunts? Damn...

Showing this site to his family so they can look at his posts might give them just a slice of the James they may have never been openly exposed to (I'm sure R-rated is no big deal), but the sensitivity part of it... not sure how much, if any, positive would come of it.

Looking at it this site may hurt them more, but they don't have to look at it, but they are out of James. MT has some of what's left of James, in case they need a little... ?

Gosh, I'm no good at this funeral type shit.


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