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Amadeus 2012-01-30 20:21

This point
Picture, if you will, this sleeping land
Ice and snow, hardly marked by hand
A lonely traveler's light
Eyes made sensitive by night
Eyes made sensitive to stars

The second to the right, or all in the sky
A meeting along a frontier of knowledge
From this lonely point in the universe
By the power of thought

If I had wings, I too would try to fly
These symbols trailing my hand
Wings of northern light for the solar wind
I do not know how not to try

L,B'XXX 2012-01-31 07:53

What a treat for a first read today. It seems to bring in a lot of what you're all about from politics to outdoors to universal wonder, and then sums up your philosophy of fearlessness. I especially liked "Wings of northern light for the solar wind." There's color, movement, random pattern with intensity that's almost nightmarish, but so in tune with nature.

Was this written for song material or as it is in verse?

Amadeus 2012-02-01 02:49

Glad you liked it! Personally I'm not completely happy with the end of the second line (first paragraph), but hey. Came out pretty much like I wanted.

Actually, it was basically just a snapshot. I was doing a four-hour drive home the other night, the sky was completely clear and the aurora was in full display all across it. I stopped by IRF (Institutet för Rymdfysik; The Swedish Institute for Space physics, where I'm currently studying) on the way to make sure I got a few e-mails off in case I overslept and ended up standing in the parking lot for ten minutes or so. The lighting is very subdued around this building, for obvious reasons, so it's a great place for some good old amateur observation. Well, I had to wait a little for a file to load, and I just sort of idly scribbled this in a notebook in the meantime. So there you go.

L,B'XXX 2012-02-02 21:22

Very cool you shared your inspired event. What if you left out the "Of" in that second line? It doesn't do anything to relate what you're saying there and it adds a muted word to the beginning of that phrase. "Ice" has a stronger sound without it. At least to me it does. Just an idea.

Amadeus 2012-02-03 08:31

Actually, yea, that did improve it, thanks for that one. Weird how you can even feel yourself that you're not happy with it, and still not see something like that.

L,B'XXX 2012-02-03 10:06

You're welcome. Sometimes all it takes is a different set of eyes. :)

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