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Paddy 2011-12-28 18:07

New Acoustic Bass: Tonality/String Adjustment
The classic problem - new acoustic bass, sounds fine until you start fretting notes above the 5th fret, at which point it sounds like it's about half a tone sharp (at least). It's a basic bass with no mechanical parts that can be adjusted with Allen keys or screwdrivers (except, of course, for the truss rod). Is there any way I can sort this shit out myself without bringing it to a shop? It has a normal bridge, as opposed to a compensated one, and the string gauge that came with it is .45. Very flexible, will probably get heavier ones for it, but not much heavier.

I'm clueless about this stuff so explain it to me like I was raised on an Ohioan turnip farm.

Thanken you.

Dyldo 2011-12-28 18:21

Fuck I love acoustic basses. Lucky.

Sounds like one of the following: the neck may be a bit warped, the truss rod needs adjusting, or the action is too high. Will probably have to take it into a shop.

Paddy 2011-12-28 20:02

The neck seems fine and I tried adjusting it (I have a modicum of experience with this but nothing else haha). I think the action is too high, which is the annoying thing because the bridge is a solid piece and I can't exactly shift the fucker around. Any ideas how much a visit to the shop will cost? Even a ballpark estimate?

The bass does sound lovely though, and it's as loud as a muthafucka!

Dyldo 2011-12-28 20:37

I took my Jackson in a few months ago for a complete set-up which included: truss rod fix/action fix (which was set up to optimize my preferred tuning [CGCFGD - Deadhead Roses tuning on every song except acoustic] and string gauge [11s]; action was a bit high as, with your problem, any note beyond the ~10th fret on the 3 high strings was annoyingly sharp), new strings, some new soldering to fix clipping on one of the volume knobs (which I could have done, but didn't think of it), a polish/fret board cleaning all came out to be around $80. Well worth it in my opinion, especially since I was recording at the time. I also got this done on my acoustic, but I really can't remember the cost on that, even though it was only about a month before.

Acoustic basses are warm like an unexpecting mother's womb. I love it. Did you get it for Jebusmas? Its okay if you did, it means you're not a Jew! You see Jews, like Richard, give out like 12 little presents over the course of a week or so so they feel like they spent less money. Wait, right? Or is that the Chinese? No, I think its Kw-Kwan-Quanza? Or maybe its Irishmas. Fuck it, all of them do. Hail Jesus!

Paddy 2011-12-29 10:42

Damn, that sounds pretty reasonable, I hope Irish guitar-peeps charge the same kinds of fees.

I got the bass for my brother for Mistcrash, he was really happy with it but the fuckin' thing is so annoying to play because of the variable pitch problem.

It's an electro-acoustic, got it here:

I'd never heard of Ashton before buying this; have you had any experience with their instruments/gear before?

Dyldo 2011-12-29 13:38



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