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GUITARFETUS 2011-11-26 17:35

Modest stereo rig with effects.
hello all who still dwell here. it has been years since i have posted or even visited this forum. i was hoping someone could help me with some ideas for my rig. i want to add delays and eq's if possible for leads in a live setting. my current live rig is as follows; (stereo)guitar--tuner--noise superssor--radial aby splitter--amp A=peavey xxx, amp B peavey 5150.
I want to keep this rig as simple as possible and i run both heads simultaneously i want effects on my leads. i am the only guitarist in this band. and i want hate eternal type lead sounds. any ideas aiming toward this with simplicity? thanks in advance. p.s. not a huge budget...less than $300. and i also own a digitech rp500 i use for practice at home.

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