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[Nocturno_Culto] 2011-10-05 07:09

dunlop's Crybaby + Big Muff, Little help here...
hi everyone! I've just bought an EHX Big Muff Pi and i can't find the right sound when I play with it and the wah wah on, the thing is if I push the wah pedal to the max (full treble), the guitar starts doing like a "treble feedback" (my english is poor) and i can't get a proper "wah" sound, because i have to stop before to avoid that feedback...

my schematics are:

guitar -> Muff -> Crybaby -> Amp

If I switch the pedals position, the wah doesn't really sounds, My amp is a H&K Vortex Black series (transistor), the muff's EQ is more or less all the buttons in the middle, I tried to reduce treble on the amp, but then the sound is like the amp is in another room (too much bass)...

If I send the pedals for the FX in / out route of the amp will I notice any difference with the same configuration? Am i connecting them worng? I mean, i've always heard "distortion pedal, first" but now that I have this "thing" i wonder: "first" is from the amp to the guitar or is the way I have?

Thanks, the two pedals are modern so I supose both are true bypass (i really don't know if this has anything to do with my issue)...

Well thanks!

Pr0az 2011-10-05 10:35

First thing I would do is position my self where my guitar does not face the Amp, stay far away from it.

Now by "Distortion First" the meaning behind that is distortion pedal first. Also, I don't know what in the hell you mean by "True Bypass".

From what you have stated the Crybaby needs to come first then the Muff. You may want to get an equalizer pedal, if the first thing I mentioned (moving the guitar away from the amp) because whats occuring is a problem of mixing. A Crybaby is a decent Wah but with its lack of adjustments a good equalizer pedal could do you wonders.

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