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Dyldo 2011-07-24 14:07

Sean Penn Died

Paddy 2011-07-24 14:10


Happy birthday son :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

L,B'XXX 2011-07-24 14:35

Son? :eek: That explains a lot.

Happy BELATED birthday, joe'babaye!

JoeYngVai 2011-07-24 21:45

It may as well come out that I am Paddy's son. Thanks to Dylan for taking the initiative on the most important birthday thread of this year. I FEEL SO LOVED! :love:

yet very unloved by my father, Paddy...

johnmansley 2011-07-24 22:53

Birthday greeting to thee :beer:

Requiem 2011-07-25 01:39

Who's birthday is it?


Pr0az 2011-07-25 02:13

Happy Bday

BassBehemoth 2011-07-25 05:41

Happy Birthday! It was CTL's as well.. :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

L,B'XXX 2011-07-25 06:54

Twin sons from different fathers.

drawn&quartered 2011-07-25 10:38

Happy bday dudes :D

moe_blunts 2011-07-25 11:16

who the FUCK is ian?

gappy worthday

TruthDevoid 2011-07-26 12:12

i'm confused on what Sean Penn has to do with Ian? must have missed something..

anyway, happy birthday buddy

Dyldo 2011-07-26 12:27

HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM! Its like he's his decrepit doppelganger, they skinny fuck!

Paddy 2011-07-26 12:28

Originally Posted by TruthDevoid
i'm confused on what Sean Penn has to do with Ian? must have missed something..
The cunt looks like Sean Penn, except 33% more woppish:

TruthDevoid 2011-07-26 12:31

hahahah yeah he does. I never realized it before because 99% of his facebook pics are of random retarded shit, so i'm not sure if i ever even saw him before now haha

JoeYngVai 2011-07-27 13:36

Yes, I am guilty of posting profile pictures of weird/psychedelic/retarded shit. I'm hiding in there somewhere... I seriously don't get Sean Penn very often. After seeing this one guy at Disneyland forever ago I don't think I even resemble him much. He looked SO MUCH like Sean Penn.

L,B'XXX 2011-07-28 07:28

I don't like Sean Penn, but I like you.

JoeYngVai 2011-07-28 10:26


Chris Rezendes 2011-07-28 10:28

Fuck Sean Penn and everyone who looks like him. Also, fuck the Irish right up their potato chutes. The whole lot of them can all go swimming in an iron smelter.

blitz906 2011-07-31 00:43

I think I already said it on Facebook, but Happy Birthday again! :p

I always thought he looked more like young John Lennon.

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