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ana007 2011-07-12 12:58

Suffocation Guitar Tab Request
I have been looking everywhere for a suffocation tab for guitar, for the song "bind, torture, kill". Someone please tab this out for me!!! Thanks!

BassBehemoth 2011-07-13 18:00

Come on guys. Do this one..this is my friggn girlfriend asking for this! :D


SuNioj0369 2011-07-16 13:15

Scope out Rivers of Gore.

ana007 2011-07-21 04:28

Thanks, it has the tab!

Chris Rezendes 2011-08-24 00:06

There's a lot of great tabs over there. Their shit doesn't come up in google searches, though, so you have to know about them to get it and most people don't.

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