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inb0rnlifeless 2011-05-23 14:58

SoR Seeks Professional Guitarist for European Tour
Solace of Requiem (Technical Death Metal) is looking for 2 guitarists to learn their material (number-tab & audio) and perform during a 2 and a half week tour of Europe. The guitarists must have or obtain valid passports, own & play 7 string guitars (Tuning: high-D, A, F, C, G, C, low-G) be very talented on their instruments, fast learners, energetic stage performers and have the right look for playing extremely technical and brutal death metal.
The guitarists chosen will receive an all expenses paid trip to and from Europe, free food and drinks during their stay, a free place to sleep every night, free transportation and a show to play nightly in 6 different European countries. All the guitarists need to bring is their 7 string guitars and personal items and their stage-clothes. The backline will be provided for the tour.
The tour starts October 21st and ends November 6th. So the guitar players will need to begin learning the material as soon as possible. The band was originally based in Virginia Beach but now the members are in Germany and New York. So its best when the guitarists are from the NY-NJ area. But all great metal musicians will be considered, no matter where they're located.
Solace of Requiem also has plans to record a new 6-7 track EP in mid-October, directly before the tour begins. SOR doesn't necessarily need 2 guitar players to record in the studio. Although, it could be possible that SOR chooses to use both new guitarists for the recording. So one or possibly both of the guitarists would need to learn the additional material to be recorded at a studio in Europe before the tour begins. The guitar player(s) chosen to record the EP will receive payment for their work according to their skill level and contributions to the music. Please visit the SOR website or for band-info, photos, videos and free downloads of SOR's newest CD The Great Awakening 2010. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio in Germany. If you are interested and/or have questions, please contact JEFF with Solace of Requiem at:

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