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CompelledToLacerate 2011-05-08 18:11

Sieg Heil Antichrist
He'll rise from the rubble
Of your failed freedom
And lead you away
To a land of domination

You will obey the master of the new Dominion
His beckoned call will be your living
Forsake all other deities
A New World Order under one crimson flag
Where X marks the spot

Obey. Obey.
Sieg Heil Antichrist!

No more diversity, only purity
This is the new law of supremacy
Swift death to all who fail the standard
And to all who try to oppose

Superiority is the ultimate goal
Heed no moral or humane shackles
That weaken our resolve
His new will be done

L,B'XXX 2011-05-23 04:13

I read this a couple times when you first posted it and just couldn't think of how to comment on it. Frame of mind is everything so I gave it another look. It reads like poetry so that's to its benefit for song material. Getting a video in my head of WW2 video footage behind metal music. Are you doing anything with it?

CompelledToLacerate 2011-05-24 06:04

Yeah, I've been working songs for a solo album I'm going to record soon, and this is definitely going on there. I'll post the music in the composition forum. Warn you, though; it's just midi now.

L,B'XXX 2011-05-24 08:06

Gotta be better than my guitar skills. I'll have a listen.

CompelledToLacerate 2011-05-24 15:57

As far as the lyrics in this song, I've got to be honest, whenever I write lyrics, I rarely ever base them off of me or my experiences. I mostly like telling stories or painting pictures with words. If I wrote about my life, it'd be "Live at my moms, work for shit, nuff said." Just don't want anyone to get the wrong idea that I"m some neo-nazi, even though I do shave my head. LOL!

L,B'XXX 2011-05-24 23:22

I've written from a guy's perspective, a fly and an ant's, a kid's, and a multitude of others so I can dig that, but it's good to have a disclaimer when it's something this controversial. However, remember that what you write may become an anthem to be shared at some point.

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