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L,B'XXX 2011-04-07 01:37

On legalities of writing
I'm involved in a writing forum that is opening an ebook store. I'm learning more about publishing my own work on it and I'm not quite sure what do. If I use material I've put on here or other forums I might have to pull them off for copyright reasons. I might also lose my rights to the piece for however many years it might be in print. Lots to learn and lots to think about. It would be great to have a book. My writing, I think, has tightened up immensely from its beginnings so I'm really torn about how to pursue this. Mostly just venting and asking for ideas, but I thought I'd put it out here.
Thanks for reading and commenting if you do.

Paddy 2011-04-08 06:31

There's nothing legal about anything you've ever written.

I have no clue about copyright laws but if all goes well for you I look forward to purchasing a copy of "Poetry to Drown Your Kids to".

L,B'XXX 2011-04-11 05:14

Gee, thanks, Paddy. Always a boost to my writing skills and education when I have encouragement like that. :beer:

Paddy 2011-04-11 05:18


I respect your work.

PST 88 2011-04-21 23:05

If you can't publish in such a way that you retain the rights to your own written work you really shouldn't do it.

L,B'XXX 2011-04-22 01:19

That's partly why I'm hesitant. I've posted material in other places, but it hasn't been crucial to meet publishing obligations. I'd like to have a book of polished pieces, but I need to be absolutely sure I'm not going to be unhappy with the process.

Amadeus 2011-04-22 01:33

Getting professional legal advice, when signing something as important as this, probably is a good idea. Basically, I think you should never sign a contract where you don't fully understand every implication of all it entails, and taking the extra time to have someone not involved in the process go over it usually pays off in the long run.

L,B'XXX 2011-04-22 03:20

That's good advice. A fellow writer pulled his lyrics off a forum once he'd recorded a professional album using them just because of copyright. I don't know what details there were if he was under contract, but I'll try to find out.

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