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DameFraMorkum 2012-01-31 17:50

Is it really so hard to give a monkey a working parachute?! Also, that preserved monkey will haunt my nightmares.

Paddy 2012-03-10 10:13

Added this:

Year and a Day | A strange rule of law which states that you aren't a murderer if your victim doesn't die from whatever you did for a year and a day.

I know it makes sense when you read the ins and outs of it but at the same time it's fucking weird.

][\/][ ][ ][\][ ][)) 2012-03-10 13:33

i think this wikilink can be good for both sides -the evolution side can say it shows the obsurdness of Creationism,and vice a versa:)

][\/][ ][ ][\][ ][)) 2012-03-10 13:35

it also talks about monkies!!! i know how much you fellas love monkies ha ha

the space monkies are the best:rofl:

Dyldo 2012-05-09 09:42

Existence is fragile:

JoeYngVai 2012-05-09 17:51

holy shit that is a deep wiki article! haha

I am currently reading The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker.

That wiki article reminded me of that book because of its density. Reading a few pages can take me 15 minutes.

Dyldo 2012-05-10 10:28

Not to mention clicking on every other reference link. There's a great book called Death From The Sky: These Are The Ways The World Will End that deals with pretty much every possible apocalyptic scenario, what would happen, and the odds of each.

JoeYngVai 2012-05-10 23:37

If this forum were as awesome as facebook I would "like" the above post... LOLOLOLOLOLZ

Amadeus 2012-05-11 05:33

I can recommend that book, it's a joyride.

Yea, it's when you realize that all life is a pathetically thin veneer on a rock no bigger than a round-off error, surrounded by a universe that's not exactly hostile but would as soon step on you in a sort of passive-aggressive way... well, draw what conclusions you like from that.

Paddy 2012-06-04 20:28

Originally Posted by Dyldo
Added. As well as these:

Jerusalem syndrome | A mental disorder which affects unsettlingly large numbers of tourists in Jerusalem.
Paris syndrome | The Japs don't enjoy Paris as much as they think they will.
Stendhal syndrome | Extreme panic attack-like reactions to art/natural beauty.
Luka Mognotta | Canadian bisexual porn actor, animal abuser, murderer, cannibal, necrophile and wannabe celebrity.

Dyldo 2012-11-20 12:16

I've hit the motherfucking mother load:!

Goodbye afternoon!

JoeYngVai 2012-11-20 15:28

Damnit... now you rendered this thread even less useful. Or maybe you just offered a means by which to increase the frequency of weird wiki posts in this thread?? holy shit. we'll just have to wait and find out.

I'm looking suspiciously at my grammar in this post :spider:

blitz906 2013-03-02 10:52

Here's one that isn't really unusual or creepy, but funny. Earliest account of a mass trolling that took place in 1809.

Amadeus 2013-03-02 13:12

Originally Posted by blitz906
Here's one that isn't really unusual or creepy, but funny. Earliest account of a mass trolling that took place in 1809.

I can respect this man.

L,B'XXX 2013-03-15 18:35

That's too funny. :) Lovin' his hair.

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