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JMaynard 2011-03-04 12:27

Ampeg SS-140C (History?)
I made a trade for this non-working amp a few months ago.
When I traded I knew this amp was not working just to clarify.
Trying to find good info about this amp on google ect Is tuff.
I have seen other SS-140C and they have a blue line under the controls.
The head I have Is just black and white and Its not a combo amp.
Im not sure if this amp is good,great or just is a waste of time to fix up.
When I plug It In there is a slight hum and not a sound comes out of my guitar I wait a few moments and it almost sounds farty. I am willing to invest and make this amp fully functional again. Is It worth It??? Also could sombody tell me the History of this amp when it was made ect. :confused:

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